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One of the best things that work places now a days offer is fresh & hygienic food. Most of you who are working would agree with me on this. Workplaces have variety of food on offer. The offices located in the northern part of India might serve Chole Bhature, Chole kulcha. The ones in the west might serve Kanda Pohe, Missal Pav while the ones in the southern part of India would serve Idli sambhar, dosa and so on. For all those having odd work timings, this is a boon. Because carrying a lunch box for odd shifts might not be a good idea.

I’m an occasional visitor to the food court here at my workplace for breakfast. So it was yesterday when I along with my college went to have breakfast.  I grabbed a cup of the life saving potionCoffee. While I was waiting at the counter I observed there was some altercation going on between some person and the guy serving food. Initially I wondered as to what the whole thing be about, went closer and realized that the culprit for this issue was Idli. Yes the poor, innocent Idli ! (Imagine that sansani guy, Gaur se dekhiye iss maasoom si dikni waali Idli,  yahi hai woh khookhaar darinda jisne do logon ke beech yudh karwa diya) 😛 😀

Idli anyone ?  Image Courtesy:
Idli anyone ? Image Courtesy:

I’m still unclear as to what the exact reason behind the altercation was. Maybe it could be that the Idli’s weren’t hot enough, but that’s out of question since the guy serves idli right from the ‘idli steaming machine‘. What else could be the reason I thought. Maybe he wasn’t satisfied with the number of idlis served. Well that seemed to be a legitimate conclusion, but still unclear about the exact issue. Just then I could hear the guy yelling, “I’ve been working here for over 10 years and you(the serving guy) are here for just a year” I didn’t understand how could this resolve anything. I mean were the idlis much softer 10 years ago ? Or were they bigger in size ? The serving guy politely told that guy, “Sir, ek idli extra lelo” (Sir, take an extra idli) and the guy was fuming, “Why should I take an extra Idli

Eventually the guy called the chef from the kitchen. He wasn’t yelling this time around though. He had a chat with him for a few minutes then quietly went to a table, had his breakfast and left. And all this while I was like why in the world are people fighting for idlis ? Never thought that a mere idli could lead to such a big issue. I bet if this issue happened at a restaurant in Noida, the guys would have broken chairs and tables along with exchanging greetings with the manager and his mother and sisters (If-you-know-what-i-mean) 😛

This incident reminded me of a video by Kelly Sebastian where he spoke about how when rich people go to a restaurant, they often complaint about the food and eventually call the manager 😛 In the end, I’m still clueless about what the exact issue was. I just know that the next time I see him I would be like “Hey, the Peppy Idli Guy !

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*** The post is not intended to cause any harm / defame anyone. This is just for light humor ***

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