Plastic World – the impact of plastic

Plastic World- Impact of Plastic. Image Courtesy:

Wood, Metal, and Glass were the basic building blocks of anything and everything surrounding you. Beds, doors, windows were made of wood, Wardrobes made of metal, spectacles and jars made of glass. These materials were used because they were sturdy and durable. But soon humans realized that these materials had their own problems. Wood for instance was attacked by termites and usually had issues with doors and windows during the rainy season. Things made of metal had their own issues, rusting for instance was a big problem and for glass, it was short-lived, if it breaks, it’s gone. So we had to come up with something, and thanks to the brainy scientist we have who were aided by technology and came up with this wonderful invention called – Plastic. Let’s see the impact of Plastic

Plastic Doors. Image Courtesy:
Plastic Doors. Image Courtesy:

Today everything you see around you if made of fiber or plastic. Be it your spectacle lenses which are no more made of glass. The wardrobes are now made from Fiber. Everything in your kitchen to everything in you bedroom is made from fiber now. Why Fiber ? Fiber is a great substitute to these materials because of the following advantages it has:

  • Not prone to natural phenomena like Rusting, imbibition
  • Break-proof (to a certain extent)
  • Lightweight when compared to Metals
  • Strong and durable

How would it be like if everything around us was made using plastic and fiber ?
What if we had Plastic Cars – these lightweight cars would have better mileage compared to the cars we have today. Event he windshield would be of fiber so you don’t have to worry about sachin breaking your car’s windshield 😛

A real 3D Printed Car. Image Courtesy:
A real 3D Printed Car. Image Courtesy:

If houses were made of plastic ? No worries of harsh weather, no paint nothing required. The house would stay as it is for years ! You could imagine a 3D printed house that could be as you like it and could be moved easily.

If Aeroplanes, Ships etc were made of plastic, it would need less power to move these mighty machines.And finally leading to reducing in traveling costs. And if you have read about the recent capsule design for aircraft, if that was implemented using fiber / plastic it would be have a lot of benefits from points of energy conservation and even safety point of view.

Biodegradable Plastic Bottles. Image Courtesy:
Biodegradable Plastic Bottles. Image Courtesy:

It would be nice to have everything made from Plastic / Fiber, but that would definitely have a huge impact on the environment. But I feel by that time the whole world would be made of Plastic / Fiber, scientists would have found a way to make biodegradable plastic. They day this feat would be achieved it would have a deep impact on humanity. So that would ensure no harm to nature as well as full benefit to humans.

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