Coffee – the life saving potion

Coffee - the Life Saving Potion. Image Courtesy: Jan Sundstedt

Remember the Prince of Persia video game where you would go on a killing spree and grab a vial of the ‘life-saving-potion’ to heal you ? Well its turns out that in reality also we are doing that. Here’s how ? The office working hours are increasing day by day and so are the deadlines for work. Presentations, client emails, reports and what not, be it an entry level employee or a high level CXO all have the same situation and need a dose of the life saving potion. Still haven’t figured out this life saving potion ? Well it’s that one cup of Coffee that has a huge impact that it gives you the energy to get through the day.

Coffee. Image Courtesy:
Coffee. Image Courtesy:

Most of us would be blessed to be working in good organization that would have a coffee machine. You’re very lucky if your cubicle is next to it – and I envy you for that. Most of the work today is about sitting in front of the computer and working long hours and for such type of work, it is indeed life saving. And these Coffee machine guys have really understood our problem and always keep on improving the it. Now we not only get one type of coffee but at least half a dozen variety of it. From Cappuccino to Latte and Espresso, these vending machines know exactly what we need !

The Coffee Breaks. Image Courtesy:

Not only the coffee, but the vending machine itself a point of attraction. May love stories start from this very vending machine and turn into marriages while other not so lucky ones run into rough weather. The place where the machine is kept is becomes a social hangout place. This area would seldom be empty and you would find someone or the other sipping his coffee. And phir kya ? Coffee and baatein and you have found yourself a new Coffee Buddy ! And just when you starting enjoying with your new pal, your phone rings and its your boss, time to leave the cup and get back to work !

Coffee has impacted out lives and has thus become a life saving potion for all the working folks. No matter what time of the day it is , they are always ready for a cup of coffee. And just like medicine, some guys need a high dose of coffee and eventually end up having 2-3 cups at one go.  I wonder why the Coffee cups kept with the vending machine are so mall, they should have coffee mugs ! Technically it has been proven to have a lot of health benefits from burning fat to keeping heart problems at bay.

It’s time to thank Kaldithe goat herder who discovered Coffee after realized that his goats became more energetic after eating these red beans. Seriously this guy’s saving life of millions every day !

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  1. Nice write up..I was a coffee lover too,my day would start with it and end with it. And those coffee breaks during work,aah i miss them! I gave up drinking coffee 4 years back.

  2. Rightly said.. after coming to kolkata I have developed the habit of drinking coffee, and I think I am lucky to have that habit ?

  3. Nice write up, can relate so much

  4. Loved the post and the coffee…brewsome!!!

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