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Champi – India’s Fantastico Invention

India was known as the Golden Sparrow or Sone ki chidiya in the past because it was wealthy, prosperous and had established social and economic systems in place. India has been known for giving some of the most important inventions that changed the world. Starting from the Button which was used for ornamental purpose during the Indus Valley Civilization to the modern day game of Snake and Ladder. India has been in this ‘invention’ field for quite sometime. And interestingly even Shampoo was invented in India. The English word shampoo is derived from Hindustani word champo which mean head massage. And today a different form of this massage is widely known as the Champi, one of India’s Fantastico Invention which is well on its way to replace massage parlors, at least to a certain extent

Champi or Head Massage for the angrez, is a unique Indian way of head massage and dates back to almost 4000 years and focuses on physical harmony for healing vitality and relaxation. Champi which is already popular in India is gaining a lot of popularity in the west. Champi is not only limited to the head, it focuses on upper arms and back. Usually a lot of ayurvedic and herbal oils are used for the same. This gives great relaxation and helps overcome any type of stress. Champi is usually given be an expert but that doesn’t mean that you cannot do it in the comfort of your home !

Le Fantastico Champi. Image courtesy: yogarishi.net
Le Fantastico Champi. Image courtesy: yogarishi.net

Thanks to ever increasing work pressure and stress, most people today are finding ways to get rid of it and relax. I would say the best way to ease your stress would be a nice relaxing Champi. All you need would be some oil, some light music and a person to do the Champi (your wife, your mother, or the barber if you are ‘forever alone’ types 😛) Because doing Champi to yourself isn’t a great idea after all. Nonetheless, this is my mantra for relaxation. I follow this Champi routine every weekend, no music but just that Navratna cool cool oil. Barely 5-10 mins into the Champi session, it feels heavenly. The coolness and the calmness is unmatched. And getting such relaxation at home is great ! Making this a routine is a great idea as it doesn’t take much time but relaxes you for few hours. The best time usually for the fantastico champi is before sleep. With such an amazing massage, you’ll fall asleep almost instantly and would get a very sound sleep

So the next time you are having a mild headache or want to ease your stress, put on some light, soothing music, get a bottle of oil and try this fantastico relaxing head massage which will definitely take you to the next level.

This blog post is inspired by the blogging marathon hosted on IndiBlogger for the launch of the #Fantastico Zica from Tata Motors. You can apply for a test drive of the hatchback Zica today.

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