Non Delhite's Guide to Peppy Delhi Metro. Image Courtesy NDTV
Non Delhite's Guide to Peppy Delhi Metro. Image Courtesy NDTV

A Non Delhite’s guide to the Peppy Delhi Metro

Delhi is famous for many things like the famous Paratha from Parathewaali Gali, the bustling Connaught Place and Palika Bazaar, the mighty India Gate and Rashtrapati Bhavan, the divine Lotus Temple and Nehru Placea Geek’s paradise, to name a few. Delhi has a lot of places to excite you and to reach these exciting places you have this fantastico New Delhi Metro in place. The Metro is fun and peppy when it comes to first time travel, however it becomes a nightmare if you have to travel everyday. I’ve used the Delhi Metro for few years while I was in Noida and thoroughly enjoyed the peppy ride. Getting around in Delhi is fun and economic if you use the Delhi Metro. However it will be a tough task for Non – Delhites / tourists to travel. So here is a A Non-Delhite’s Guide to the Peppy Delhi Metro.

New Delhi Metro Map. Image Courtesy: Wikimedia
New Delhi Metro Map [Click to Enlarge]. Image Courtesy: Wikimedia
  • Keep a Metro Map handy. This is the most important thing you should have. Even though the metro stations have maps, you simply cannot stand and decide where to get down in such huge crowd. There are plenty of apps available that provide you with the map. So you should know which is the nearest station from your location and where you want to get down.
Use the Smart Card while travelling on Delhi Metro. Image Courtesy: telegraphindia
  • Use Smart Card instead of Tokens. Delhi Metro provides two modes of payment – Smart Card and Tokens. If you are in Delhi for 2-3 days, getting the Smart Card is a better and convenient option. Just go to the counter of any Metro Station get a smart card, load it with some amount and you are good to go. Using Smart Card is convenient since you don’t have to stand in long queues to get the tokens. Once you are done with your trip you can return the smart card and get refund. Use smart card and make your peppy ride more enjoyable.
Typical Day at Rajiv Chowk Metro Station. Image Courtesy: The Hindu
Typical Day at Rajiv Chowk Metro Station. Image Courtesy: The Hindu
  • Avoid the last coach of the metro. The staircase in most of the stations are placed strategically right in front of the last coach so that commuters can get in quickly. However, my advice is avoid the last coach, specially during the peak hours (8am – 10am, 5pm – 8pm), it’s OK to travel at other time of the day. This is most crowded coach in the entire train and you probably won’t even have place to stand ! If you are brave enough and like to take the situation head on, do try it, you’ll surely enjoy.
Rush in the Delhi Metro's Yellow Line. Image Courtesy: The Hindu
Rush in the Delhi Metro’s Yellow Line. Image Courtesy: The Hindu
  • Stand at the center of the coach. Standing in the center of the coach is the best option, since you are a tourist and you are not aware as to which side the door would open (Both side doors are functional in the Metro) Even though there is announcement that which door would open, but due to the crowd, there are chances that you won’t be able to get down at your station. Standing in the center would give you easy access to the doors on either side.
  • Avoid carrying heavy luggage. Travelling in the Delhi Metro is great, however you can ruin the entire experience if you carry heavy luggage. Carrying luggage will cause inconvenience not only to you but to other passengers also. Further it will be troublesome to get on and off the train with such heavy luggage.
Avoid Reserved Seats on Delhi Metro. Image Courtesy: DelhiMetroRail
Avoid Reserved Seats on Delhi Metro. Image Courtesy: DelhiMetroRail
  • Don’t sit on Reserved Seats. Delhi Metro has special reserved seats for women and senior citizens. If there’s a senior citizen / lady around they’ll surely ask you to get up, and it might become embarrassing at times. So try to avoid sitting on these reserved seats to enjoy the peppy ride.
The Ladie's coach in Delhi Metro. Image Courtesy: LiveMint
The Ladie’s coach in Delhi Metro. Image Courtesy: LiveMint
  • Don’t get into the ladies coach. The Delhi Metro has special dedicated coaches for ladies. The first coach in the direction of travel of every metro is reserved for women. So do confirm the direction and avoid the first coach. It’s perfect for ladies traveling alone. But many of my women colleagues avoid travelling in women’s coach.
  • Pay attention to announcements. There are announcements inside the Metro for upcoming stations and other notifications. You might miss your stop if you don’t pay attention to the announcements. If you are using earphones, it’s best to look outside or read the display boards inside the train, to learn about the upcoming station.

So, that’s the end to the Non Delhite’s guide to Delhi Metro. These were few tips based on my personal experience travelling in the Metro for close to 4 years. This guide will be handy if you are visiting Delhi for the first time an intend to use the Delhi Metro. As said earlier the Peppy Delhi Metro is the best way to commute, and following these tips might make the trip more enjoyable ! If you have any other tips to share, please do so by commenting below – it will do a world of good for tourists. Thanks !

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