Test Cricket - a 3 Day affair ? Image courtesy: CricketNext.com
Test Cricket - a 3 Day affair ? Image courtesy: CricketNext.com

India no more a Permanent member of ICC – how will it impact the game ?

Every game has a governing body like Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) for soccer, Federation Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA) for Formula 1 racing and International Cricket Council for (ICC) for Cricket. The governing council / body is responsible to administer rules and regulations for the sport. It is also responsible to ensure that the game is played in right spirit and abide the laws mentioned in the law books. The grounds / stadiums where the matches take place should be of best standard to ensure the overall status of the game. Usually for most of the games few of the participating teams will form a core / permanent group which will have a say in all the relevant matters of the governing council.

The latest news that is coming in is that the ICC has decided to take away the Permanent Member status from Australia, England and India i.e. these countries will no more be a part of the permanent members of the ICC. The ICC Chairman Mr. Shashank Manohar also said that the ICC President cannot hold any post in the team’s national governing body. This decision comes in at a good time when many were criticizing the ICC that the Big three (India, Australia and England) would take over the sport and have a monopoly at the expense of other participating nations, especially the associates so this definitely will have a positive impact on the game. In fact this issue was raised right from the time Manahor took the charge in 2014. Apart from this the ICC has also reinstated Sri Lanka as a full member after it successfully elected a governing body to manage the sport in the country. Source.

So how would India’s exit as a Permanent Member of ICC impact the game ?

I’m glad that this thing happened, it was long due. I don’t know how much Australia and England were interfering with the game, but the BCCI on many occasions pressurized the ICC to change few decisions. It would now be nice to see a fair game with straight forward and stringent rules. I agree that Cricket is most widely watched in India,but I’m quite sure that not much will change for viewers. This change will only benefit the game and have a positive impact on the longevity of the game.

The Decision Review System. Image Courtesy: thecricketcouch
The Decision Review System has always been under fire. Image Courtesy: thecricketcouch

One of the long going debates in the game has been the Decision Review System or the DRS. This is a system that allows a player ‘a chance’ to over turn the decision of the on field umpire if he/she thinks that he has been incorrectly ruled out. The DRS has been accepted by most of the countries and has now become a regular part of any bilateral series or any ICC tournament. However, if you see the BCCI has always opposed the DRS citing the defaults it has. Well totally agree that there are some loopholes in the DRS as we have seen our very own Rahul Dravid being given out ‘incorrectly’ by the DRS many times and hence it was called Dravid Review System at that time. I also see that our captain, Mahendra Singh Dhoni [Read about Dhoni – The Finisher] isn’t keen on opting for DRS either. However, I strongly feel that if anything has been implemented and other countries are following it, even the BCCI should follow it. Rules are rules and everyone has to follow. The more it is used the more it can be improved. And since India is one of those countries where cricket is literally played all round the year, it’s a great way to use DRS and widen the scope of improvements.

In the end, I’m completely satisfied by this decision of the ICC to get rid of Australia, England and India as permanent members. It’s for the benefit of the game and for the other nations. This definitely has a positive impact on the future of the game.

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