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Blogging Image Courtesy: ronen ijansempoi
Blogging Image Courtesy: ronen ijansempoi

Blogging and it’s impact: Better Writing ,Creativity

I had started this blog in December 2012 alongside a blog for my class. My communication skills professor wanted our class to have a blog where he could give us assignments of posting articles, coming up with videos and a whole lot of other stuff. Must say his teaching style was unique but effective. That was the time when I thought if I’m creating a blog for the class, why not a blog for myself ? That was time this blog came into picture. Earlier known as atulmaharaj.wordpress.com, the blog became that one place where I would share everything. So it wasn’t exactly based on a particular niche like travel, technology or anything. Whatever I came across or wanted to voice my opinion, I found the blog to be a great place to do so and that’s how I started blogging. But all this while I’ve realized that maintaining a blog has had a great impact not only on my writing skills but other aspects including presentation, technical and marketing skills too.

During my summer holidays, I usually took up some hobby and tried to learn something new. That time around I decided to buy a micro controller kit and play around with it. Being a Computer Science student, I wanted to use that device through my computer using Java. I researched the internet but couldn’t find anything useful. In the end I put together the bits and pieces I found relevant and that worked ! I immediately wrote a post on it hoping that it would be helpful for others too. And that was the point, the blog was getting noticed, not only from India but overseas as well. And today it’s one of the top posts for configuring that device on the Internet.

Blogging Report Card 2015
Blogging Report Card 2015

I’ve realized what matters to me really is what people feel about my posts. I’ve always been open to their feedback because in the end the content here is for them. I feel blogging is one of the best ways to give back to the internet. Over the course of time I started sharing my travel tips, restaurant reviews, my opinions and views on various day-to-day matters. So the blog was vast and didn’t have a particular niche. The name socialmaharaj came up because I’m very active on social networking sites. Even if you see the logo – which I’ve designed from scratch, it has a ladle which shows the foodie part of me, the LAN cable that depicts the geeky side, the cricket ball denotes the cricket freak I am and the ‘Hashtag‘ shows how socially active I am. So blogging has not only had impact on my writing but it has helped me improve my thinking and creativity and the graphic designing too.

Even the current marathon that is going on, is one the most grueling events I’ve ever been a part of. Coming up with so many different posts while keeping the quality of the post top-notch was indeed a daunting task, but that was the whole point of the marathon. This marathon has pushed me to the limits. En-route I’ve made many new friends and came across some of the finest posts I’ve ever read. Blogging is a great way to share your views about something and get others opinions. I would have never imagined that the blog would go on for so many years and that I would still be writing so actively here.

So thanks a lot guys for always supporting !

This blog post is inspired by the blogging marathon hosted on IndiBlogger for the launch of the #Fantastico Zica from Tata Motors. You can apply for a test drive of the hatchback Zica today.

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