Impact of Reservation: General category would need it in future

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Reservation has always been a topic of debate in India. It has allowed millions of people to get education, scholarship, job and promotion. The groups that currently ‘benefit‘ from reservation is Scheduled Castes(SC), Schedule Tribes(ST) and Other Backward Class(OBC). So if someone belongs to any of the above classes, then it’s something to cheer about in today’s scenario. The impact of reservation is that these guys easily get into various government jobs, educational institutions and avail scholarships. Currently there is 15% reservation for SC, 7.5% for ST and 27% for OBC that makes the total to 52.5%. So in future the impact of Reservation would be such that even the General category would need reservation !

One of the best things in reservation is that at least that it is currently given only based on Caste. If the reservation would have been based on religion, wonder what would have been the consequences. With 50% reservation currently, getting admission to a good government college is getting tougher day by day for the folks from the general category. People belonging to SC/ST/OBC get easy access to these government facilities. And for the very reason there have been troll images circulating on the internet where it says that guys for SC/ST don’t have to come for the exam also, simply filling the application form would do. Well, if the current situation continues, it would impact the people form general category who would find it difficult to survive.

Reservation in India. Image Courtesy: TrollDekho
Reservation in India. Image Courtesy: TrollDekho

Another impact of reservation is that people belonging to SC/ST/OBC can appear in an examination as an SC/ST/OBC or as a general category. So if they don’t manage to clear the cut-off from the SC/ST/OBC category, they have the freedom to apply through the general quota as well ! Well that’s ridiculous ! If a person is already getting reservation privilege, then he/she must not be allowed to apply from the general quota. IF that is allowed, then folks from the general also should have the ability to apply for the reserved quota !

I agree that in the past B.R Ambedkar along with others had thought of reservation as a way to lift the backward classes in the society and bring them at par with others. Giving them social, economical and social justice was the idea behind the caste based reservation. However, it has had a negative impact, looking at the current scenario where many people are exploiting this.

How could we prevent the negative impact of Reservation in future ?

  • Abolishing reservation isn’t the solution, since it’s there to help the people from backward communities. It’s a way by which the government comes out to help them come at par with the general society. So, reservation cannot be removed.
  • What can be done would be to limit the number of times a person belonging to the SC/ST/OBC group can avail the benefit in their lifetime. For social and judicial issues there should be relaxations but on education, scholarships and job front, they should be given limited number of attempts.
  • Other thing I think could impact the future of reservation would be categorize the people on the grades. Just like they have a cut off for various categories, they could have cut off marks within the reserved quota as well. Example, if a person belonging to the reserved category scores 850/900, he should not be given the benefit and should be treated as a general category person. With this, others in the group will be benefited and for everyone else admission would be based on merit.

Well, these were my views on the impact that reservations can have in future. I have no intention of harming any individual or group sentiment by this post. This post in no way has any intention to defame anyone.

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