BJP candidate campaign for Lok Sabha Election in Bangalore, India. Image Courtesy:
BJP candidate campaign for Lok Sabha Election in Bangalore, India. Image Courtesy:

Social Media and its impact on Nation Building

Social media has been around for quite sometime now with India being the country which has the highest number of people using it. Social Media is not only helping people connect, but it’s helping in nation building. From its use in spreading awareness and sharing opinion on various topics, Social Media has become an important tool in nation building. It has had a huge impact on the way people use social media,they now share things that help in nation building. Just like I’m writing a post now, there might be someone writing about some issue somewhere, hence here I’m writing about Social Media and its impact on Nation Building.

Be it the recent JNU incident or the appalling Nirbhaya incident, Indians have taken to the Social Media at all times to vent their frustration and voice their opinion on such issues. It has empowered the common man to voice his opinion on various issues and has ensured that nobody has to be related to media to write something. Facebook, Twitter or a simple blog, there are many places where one can voice their opinion. And one of the best parts is that the current government is using the social media to a great extent for better governance.

One of the recent examples of social media and how it had an impact on a crucial government decision was the issue of Net Neutrality. At one side we had Facebook advertising about its Free Basics program all over the internet and the print media while the other side had ignorant people who were blindly clicking on links supporting Free Basics. Facebook was asking people to submit petitions to TRAI from Facebook. However most of the Indians took too YouTube and came up with videos explaining what Net Neutrality is and what are its impact. And with that many sent out a mail to TRAI with the petition showing their support to Net Neutrality. And finally we saw that the Indian telecom regulator TRAI came up with a draft that supports Net Neutrality. This is a classic example of how Social Media had an impact on Nation Building where government took action based on user opinion.

So, if you are glued to Facebook and Twitter busy connecting with your friends, why don’t you use Social Media for a good cause ? Make use of Social Media which has become a powerful tool in nation building. Every Tweet of yours, every post on an issue can be vital in some way or the other. Even the government is using social media for better governance and it is very evident on Twitter. Hence, get online, join a community and helping making India a better place to live.

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