User Manual Why you should read them? Image Courtesy: braidcreative
User Manual Why you should read them? Image Courtesy: braidcreative

User Manual: Why you should read it ?

Most of the time when you purchase a new product, you are always excited to open the box and use it immediately. The moment you get your product, you are excited to see it in action. In the box there are many accessories supplied and you try using all of them at that very moment. However there is one thing that you rarely touch – most of them don’t – the user manual. Every product you purchase be it a swanky car or a mixer grinder, is supplied with a user manual. We seldom read the manual and skip to using the product. And that user manual stays untouched for generations. The next time you see it is when you would be cleaning your house during Diwali ! I love reading user manuals, be it a manual of my car or the manual of my watch, I read all of them. So here’s why you should read a user manual.

Why you should read a user manual ?

Understand the product by reading User Manual. Image Courtesy: inspirationalperspective
Understand the product. Image Courtesy: inspirationalperspective

Understand the Product: The first and foremost reason for reading a User Manual is to understand your product. You might be an expert and would have done a lot of research before purchasing that product, but understanding the product is the utmost priority. The company would have advertised a product by highlighting various features of the product, but not all. When you read a user manual, you learn about all the features of the product. So the first thing you should do is read the user manual. Most of us buy a smart phone, open the carton and then spend a good amount of time inserting the SIM card or opening the back panel of the phone. That’s when we turn to the user manual. Wouldn’t it be nice if you read the manual before fidgeting the device ?

How to operate a smartphone. Image Courtesy: PinInterest
How to operate a smart phone. Image Courtesy: PinInterest

Operating Conditions: Every product has an operating condition or a way to operate it. It is important to follow these steps for optimal performance. For example you buy a computer processor and it is fixed a particular frequency, so you should not operate beyond that until unless you are sure of the consequences.For some large home appliances like a microwave oven, they need to be placed slightly away from the walls and away from direct sunlight. You think that these don’t mean anything, but surrounding your microwave with stuff around can cause the surrounding to heat up quickly. So it’s vital that you read a user manual and understand the operating conditions.

Troubleshooting. Image Courtesy: Globalsalessupport
Troubleshooting. Image Courtesy: Globalsalessupport

Troubleshooting: So your AC isn’t cooling well. What do you do next ? You’ll simply call the service center guy who’ll come and clean the filter, charge 500 Rs and go. And then you’ll be like “It was such a small job, even I could have done it !” Well you could have if you knew what the issue was ? That’s one of the main reason why you should read the user manual. The manual has troubleshooting steps for some of the most common issues. Hence it’s always a good idea to read a user manual even before you operate a product. So even if you hit a problem, you know how to fix it.

Safety First. Image courtesy: claybennett
Safety First. Image courtesy: claybennett

Safety Guidelines: One of the most important part in the user manual are the safety guidelines. Your car engine suddenly heats up and goes off. You open the bonnet and you are trying to do something. But is it safe ? Your engine might not be in a great condition for you to deal with. So if you had read the user manual, you would be aware of the safety guidelines. Many times we see that the mobile batteries swell up, and the foremost safety point is DO NOT use the battery. So it’s very important to follow a user manual supplied with a product.

So here were a few points as to why you should read a user manual. I know there will be a large group of people who never read a user manual. But trust me not only you will understand the product on a whole but after a while you will start enjoying reading user manuals ! So go ahead and grab a user manual you have and learn about a product. Trust me you will learn so much about a product and will be an expert at it !

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