Cooking in the Kitchen
Cooking in the Kitchen. Courtesy: Gagan Kaur

Time For Kids To Learn Cooking Online – New Age Learning

Nowadays, cooking and kids go hand in hand! Sounds surprising? Well, children are taking to cooking like ducks to water! There are numerous innovative programs and classes that teach cooking for kids with gusto! In fact, there are several ways to make an easy receipt for kids more fun and memorable. Yellow Class is one of the popular online hobby class platforms offering several options including fireless cooking for kids which is another popular pick to help kids to learn cooking online.

Enrolling your little one in the right online hobby class is the best way to develop their interest in cooking, particularly if they have already expressed their love for the domain at least once or twice and loves getting messy in the kitchen! Remember that having fun is an intrinsic aspect of the entire process. 

I was into cooking right from school, we used to have vocational courses around cooking and baking that I had enrolled myself in. So my tryst with cooking started quite early. I strongly feel that cooking is a survival skill that everyone should know. Teaching kids about cooking early will surely help and with an option to learn cooking online, it will be much more interesting!

Let's get Cooking!
Let’s learn Cooking online!

Time to Learn Cooking Online

Cooking classes build emotional and social skills which stay with children for a lifetime. Encourage them to follow recipes since this will go a long way towards inculcating discipline and regulations into their way of working. At the same time, emphasize the value of following instructions carefully. This will not only enhance their powers of concentration and mental discipline but will also help them focus better while encouraging greater self-sufficiency and independence.

It will help them follow directions properly while developing skills pertaining to solving problems. Teach them that cooking is an enjoyable affair and encourage them to build their fine motor skills and powers of hand-eye coordination. Encourage them to spread, chop, mix and squeeze to their heart’s content. Initially, do not get all cagey about wasting ingredients. 

Let them make mistakes and learn accordingly. Encourage them to talk more about what they love to make and things that they find important. Encourage them to give more attention and time towards the counting, sequence, measurement, direction and cause and effect aspects of the procedure.


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Cooking – a valuable life skill

If you treat cooking and food as science and a topic of curiosity and intelligence, then your children will likely follow suit. The more conversations you have with your little one, the more you will be able to understand what he/she is really into with regard to food and cooking tastes and preferences. 

Always teach your children the necessary safety protocols along with hygiene guidelines for working in the kitchen. Ensure that they properly hand wash and handle food in a hygienic manner. This will only serve to develop their interest and also talk about the risks of cooking and how they can avoid the same. Kids can learn all of this when they learn cooking online.

Cooking with Instant Pot
Cooking with Instant Pot

Ask questions about various things and encourage children to make observations. Showcase model and positive behaviour in the kitchen, encourage children to give you answers towards certain problems or hurdles that are faced while making new recipes. Introduce recipes innovatively to little ones. Create recipe charts with photographs that talk about every step along the way. 

Prepare and keep ingredients in a raw form for little ones to taste, smell and feel. Have all tools and equipment prepared and ready to use. Read recipes aloud to children and also discuss sanitary and safety measures. Involve children in the clean-up process. It will teach them the value of respect and cleaning up after a job well done. You can see how your kids can learn cooking one with the help of guided recipe videos.

Fireless cooking – online cooking class on Yellow Class. Courtesy: YouTube

Learning to Cook early on

I am fortunate to have learnt cooking at an early age. Now when I am staying alone, cooking not only acts as a valuable life skill but also as a stress buster for me. With such online hobby classes coming in, it’s much easier for kids to learn cooking. I wish there was anything like this during my childhood days. I loved this concept, how about you? Would you want to enrol your kid to learn cooking online? Let me know in the comments below, tweet to me at @Atulmaharaj, DM on Instagram or Get In Touch.

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  1. I think this is a great idea especially for children whose parents are always busy. However, I learnt cooking from my Dad and baking from my Grandmother and I think that the interaction is a massive part of the experience. Perhaps a combination of the two is the way to really instill that love of cooking in children.

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