iPad Mini.
iPad Mini.

Trick to increase storage on iPhone / iPad

I have been an iPad user for close to 4 years and now the situation is I can’t spend any moment without it. It has become my camera on my trips, my blogging partner and what not. In fact it’s not only me but all the iPhone and iPad users would not give up their devices. Thanks to the amazing UI, Stability and smoothness that have kept the users loyal to the brand. But the one issue that every iOS user may complain would be of is lack of expandable memory. So for some 16 GB is more than enough while for others even a 128 GB device is too damn less. Well here’s a trick to increase storage on you iPhone / iPad without any extra modification.

The trick allows you to increase the available space on your iPhone / iPad effortlessly. All you need to do in order to increase space on your iPhone / iPad is to be connected to network – either 3G or WiFi. The best part of this trick is that it will increase the available space without jail breaking your device.

Steps to increase storage on iPhone / iPad

  • Check the available space on your device, this is just to compare the amount of space your iPhone / iPad frees up. In my case you can see it’s exactly 2 GB of available memory.
Checking the Available space before applying the trick.
Checking the Available space before applying the trick.
  • Next, open iTunes, and navigate to Films. Search for a movie that you think would be larger than your current available free space. In my case, I downloaded Lord of the Rings which is about 6.73 GB for. 1080p quality. (You see that the file is 4GB more than the available space on my iPad) 
Choosing a title greater than your available storage. Increase storage on iPhone / iPad
Choosing a title greater than your available storage
  • Click on Buy Movie, assuming that you don’t have payment setup (if you have you can choose to cancel payment) You will see that your iPhone / iPad waits for a while and pops up with an error insufficient space. That’s it !
  • Once you get the error, go to Settings -> General -> About and see the Available Space. Found the difference ? You have successfully increased the storage space on your iPhone / iPad.
Check out the increased available space !
Check out the increased available space !

Why his happens it still not clear, however there’s one reasoning to it. iOS like every other operating system, caches various things in it’s memory. So when you try to download something that is more than the available memory, the operating system tries to create space for the new file, and in the process clears the cache thus increasing the available space.

I hope that this simple trick to increase space in your iPhone / iPad will benefit you. This will be very useful when you are clicking photos and suddenly you run out of space. In that case, simply follow this trick and increase space on your iPhone / iPad !

Liked it ? Have any other tips ?

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  1. Does it really works, if yes then amazing man. let me try this.

    • Yes, it works. The theory is, iOS stores many things in cache to speed up things, so when you try to download something that is more than the available storage capacity, iOS tries to free up space by removing items from its cache. And that’s how you get to see the increased storage.

  2. I had heared about this before, but sadly it was 1st April, when i read this article, and i swear to god i thought that it was April fools joke, I hope you are not pulling one over me Atul !

    • Hehe.. not this time ! This surely works, how and why it works, I don’t know but the available space increase and that is what matters 😉 Thanks for the visit 🙂

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