Where is our Education System heading ?
Where is our Education System heading ?

Where is our Education System heading ?

It wasn’t long ago that people like me were busy preparing for the board exams during our class X and XII years. Much before our parents had the board exams even in class 8th ! And today most kids give just one board exam that is the class XII, as the Class X board exams have been made optional. So you see a pattern here ? From 3 board exams to just one, where is our Educational System heading ? Today with this post I’m trying to put forth my views on the current scenario of our Educational System.

The quality of education is definitely going south, that is something many might agree upon. And I feel this all started with the introduction of the Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation or the CCE as it is popularly known. In short the CCE got rid of the percentage system that we earlier had and introduced a grade based system. A student is graded upon various aspects including curricular and extra curricular activities. The system was aimed to help those who weren’t able to perform well due to their active participation in extra curricular activities. Now since the percentage is replaced with grade, a relative grade is given to the students based on the percentage scored. The issue is many(read all) students are scoring 10/10 CGPA despite of scoring about 95-98%. This is surely incorrect is what I feel. Because in a professional courses a simple way to calculate percentage is multiplying the CGPA by 10, ie 6.5 CGPA would become 65% which in this case is cent percent !!

Also making the board exams for class X optional, wasn’t a great decision. This isn’t only my opinion but many of my teachers believe this too. Class X boards used to be like prelims for the main class XII boards so that the students get used to the format and the feel of the board exams. I do see many schools making the board exams compulsory and I applaud them. Opting out of the board exams will not have a good effect as the marks would be given by the internal faculty of school. Then what is the difference between a normal annual exam and the class X exams ?

By Hear or from the heart ? Image Courtesy: Yatra-ke-lamhe.com
By Hear or from the heart ? Image Courtesy: Yatra-ke-lamhe.com

It’s not only at the junior level that our education System has flaws. The recent introduction of National Entrance cum Eligibility Test or NEET to combine all the medical Entrance tests and have one single test has had it’s fair share of controversies. There was a lot of confusion not only among the students but even the college / state authorities with respective to the examination. The Honorable Supreme Court directed that everyone should appear for the NEET 1 (nothing but the AIPMT screening test) and those who wish to appear for the second, could appear only if they were ready to do away with the scores of the NEET 1. There were many who welcomed the decision while there others who weren’t in support of it. The state and other authorities cited that the examinations couldn’t be held at such short notice. So finally what we saw last week was the government presenting an ordinance  which was passed yesterday that to some extent over ruled what the Supreme Court had to say. So the ordinance exempts seats filled through state government conducted tests from the NEET Test for a year.

Not to forget the parallel education industry that is on the rise – The Coaching Institutes. Among all this confusion the only people who were benefited were these institutes that demand a fat fee to prepare the children for the exams. They charge anywhere above 1Lakh for one year course leading to the exams. There are places like Kota that have become the “Coaching Hub” of India. Every city has than one area which is known for the coaching classes, be it Hauz Khaas in New Delhi or Ameerpet in Hyderabad. So in short first pay to get into a good school / college and then pay these institutes to crack the exams.

Who's the loser in the end ? Image Courtesy: Byjus
Who’s the loser in the end ? Image Courtesy: Byjus

Now with so much confusion surrounding around the education system, I wonder where are we heading to. Everyone except the students are having their say, the president, the government, the supreme court and the state authorities , everyone is trying to mold the system to suit their needs and benefits. With so much uncertainties over the schedule of exams, no one apart from the students are at the losing end – in terms of the degrading quality of education. And if the same continues, I’m afraid that in future we would see kids even from the primary schools going west to pursue better education.

All I hope is that at least the authorities take some constructive action towards our Education System rather than benefiting themselves or other stakeholders. With the brain drain happening already, it will surely rise and we need to put the brakes on this and make India an educational hub just like it was earlier with the likes of Takshashila and Nalanda universities that became the centers of education.

So what do you think about the current scenario of the Education System ? Is it much better than earlier or it’s losing its sheen ? Do share your views below.

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  1. That is why a lot of people head to the west – our system is obsolete and needs a comprehensive overhaul.

    • Very True, the only way to stop brain-drain is to fix the issues at the grass root levels itself.

  2. deepali joshi

    Some very strong and profound thoughts are expressed here. I am also of the opinion that our education system has changed for worse. I wont say its totally bad. After all, it has produced some of the best minds in the world. But yes, Something is wrong. I find it is completely one-dimensional. I think the earlier system of percentages was ok. Grade system dilutes the merit. It is also creating undue pressure on students to mug up things and get good marks(?). No scope for extra-curriculars. And we wonder, why we dont have more Olympic medals. In fact, I had written a slightly related post a few days back. Check that out. Tell me what you think about my line of thought. http://kolorpencil.com/noose-is-not-the-answer

    • socialmaharaj

      +1 for the dilution of Merit by grade system. Just loved your article ! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  3. Our Education system is nothing but a patent for Top schools and colleges incl the one with high capitation fee but no good placement.

    The syllabus is so borrowed and does not teach you economical skills. Besides, if you are a rattoo tota [rattling parrot] with great handwriting, you are good.

    • socialmaharaj

      Completely agree on the “ratto total” point – problems like these can be solved only at the grass root levels. Understanding and applying a concept should be given topmost priority, rather than mugging up the answers for the sake for grades.

  4. Our education system sucks anyways because it doesn’t really prepare people for a real life vocation! Only after doing specialized studies perhaps upto to the age of 22 – 25 sometimes kids get job ready. Graduation takes people absolutely nowhere! If u just do that then don’t even think of S decent career and money… Sigh…

    • socialmaharaj

      Very true Archana, what we are taught and what we end up doing in most cases are poles apart. Things in real life don’t happen like what we read in books which makes people clueless the moment they step into the corporate world.

      • deepali joshi

        Completely agree with u and Archana. Absence of vocational studies from core curriculum should be a concern. I dont think I am going to use E=MC2 or the benzene formula ever in my professional life. But I did spent 4 years learning that.

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