Bit to Bot - a giant leap for mankind
Bit to Bot - a giant leap for mankind

From Bit to Bot – a giant leap for mankind

“Hindi ke liye 1 dabayein, for English press 2…” Is how we are greeted most of the time when we dial any company. From being the first line of defense protecting our borders to becoming the first line of interaction at most places – a feat that is only possible due to rapid advancement Technology that robots are everywhere . Humans have been successful in creating machines to perform routine tasks so that we can spend time on more productive issues. And one such productive issue that we definitely spent our time on is putting brains in those machinesMachine Intelligence or Machine Learning – as it is popularly known as is a field of Computer Science and a brother of Artificial Intelligence is what we are going to talk today, from BIT to BOT – a giant technological leap for mankind !

Due to technology we seldom spend time socializing with our friends as we are busy with our virtual lives. From talking to my friend Padmini as a child to spending most of my time on (i)PadMini with Siri, we are slowly moving towards a life full of Bots. Yes, meeting people in person is passe, we have come a long way and the future is meeting with Bots. With advancements in the field of Machine Intelligence, Bots are the future. We have already seen tech Giants like Google, Facebook and Apple betting big on Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning. Facebook has even rolled out bots for its Messenger app. So ever wondered how would life be 20 years down the line with Bots ?

Bit to Bot - a giant leap for mankind
Bit to Bot – a giant leap for mankind

Life with Bots

One thing that I imagine is the salesmen losing their jobs. With the introduction of bots, there won’t be any need of a salesman. Why ? Well a salesman would need to understand the product and be prepared for any queries before visiting the customer. But in case of our “intelligent” Bot, it can simply ping Wikipedia or any site in case of a customer query and come up with loads of information about a product in a flash . And the best part is a bot can work 24 X 7 without asking constantly for pay hikes or nagging for leaves !

From being the salesman of the year to the front desk, Bots can completely replace humans at the front desk of various offices, banks etc. So if you were expecting a cool dude or a hot girl at the counter, be ready to be greeted by a witty Bot. Bots are perfect to take place of your assistant. We already know Siri and Google Voice now, but these are surely going to be far more intelligent in the years to come. With a gazillion bytes of information available at tips, Bots will be become the ultimate technological marvel.

Because, you'll never be lonely again ! ;) Image Courtesy: Quickmeme
Because, you’ll never be lonely again ! 😉 Image Courtesy: Quickmeme

Further, no one will ever be lonely. Yeah, you can go an update your relationship status, I know you’ve been waiting for ages to do that ! So what if you don’t have a partner, a bot will be beside you always. Simply switch on your mobile and there it is ! Fire up a query and see how the bot interacts with you. Whether you are bored, sad or happy, bots will be able to connect with you emotionally too – thanks to machine intelligence that will make it possible.

Technology is changing rapidly and the one field that is going to grow is Machine Intelligence [Artificial Intelligence + Machine Learning]. We just have a handful apps / services that are available today. Over a period of time these technologies will pave way for smarter and emotional Bots that will accompany us in this wonderful journey called life !

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  1. True, but with technology improving rapidly, thoughts will soon turn to reality ! Thanks for visiting 🙂

  2. Intriguing… Worth nothing that many things said before in 80’s haven’t exactly become a reality( hint: Hoverboards)

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