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No GST Registration for Bloggers

No GST Registration for Bloggers, YouTubers and Freelancers – Latest Update

1st July 2017, the day when the Goods and Services Tax was introduced in India. With an aim to replace other forms of Indirect Taxes, GST was launched at midnight. The idea was to have a single Tax to replace the multiple cascading taxes levied by the central and the state governments. A quick walk through on GST – items under the GST are taxed at 0%, 5%, 12%, 18% and 28%. However there’s an added tax on precious stones. All the traders and services providers big or small have been in a fix about the GST. Well, when the government itself is in a fix you cannot expect the people to be clear about it. One community that has been thoroughly confused is the Blogging and Freelancing community. Me belonging to the same community, have got some questions answered on GST registration for Bloggers and Freelancers. Read on

No GST Registration for Bloggers
No GST Registration for Bloggers

Latest News on GST for Bloggers

The GST council has been meeting quite often to ease the confusion around GST. Now whether they are actually easing the confusion or not, is something I leave it to you. Earlier Blogging was charged at a flat rate of 18% GST. Previously every freelancer, blogger had to mandatorily register for GST irrespective of their turnover IFF they provided their services outside their state of residence aka Inter State Supply of Services. For example: If I’m a blogger in Telangana and I provide my services to say a person in Gujarat, I had to register for GST. Anyways, as per the latest press Release post the 22nd GST Council meeting, there has been a huge change in the GST registration for Bloggers and YouTubers.

No GST Registation required if turnover less than 20lakhs.
No GST Registration required if turnover less than 20 Lakhs.


Good News for Bloggers and Freelancers – No GST Registration Required

Well the good news is that, Bloggers, YouTubers and Freelancers who are earning less than 20Lakh per annum irrespective of the Inter State Supply, do not have to register for GST. Yes, it no more matters where you are providing your services. Now you only need to register for GST if you annual turn over is less than 20Lakhs. If your turnover is less than 20Lakhs per annum, you don’t have to register for GST. More information can be found here.

This a great step by the government to help the small and medium enterprise sector to grow. Also it will allow small bloggers, vloggers and freelancers like you and me to continue providing our services without paying the GST. I’m sure with the change of GST for Bloggers, YouTubers and Freelancers, things are going to be smooth and easy. Go ahead and keep blogging. In case you have any issues, or suggestions, please leave a comment below or tweet to me at @atulmaharaj

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