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5 Reasons Why I broke up with my Landlord #GharAajaIndia

“If you go anywhere, even paradise, you will miss your home and your toilet.”

How true is the saying! No matter where you go or what you do, there’s nothing like home. At times, even for me, the idea of returning home from a trip is more exciting that leaving home. And the excitement is doubled if it’s your own home and not a rented one because you can do things your way – after all, your life your rules.

But getting a home is one of the major goals in every individual’s life. However, blame it on the rising costs and peanut pay cheques, owning a house is still a dream for many. I have stayed in rented houses and trust me it ain’t easy at all, especially with nagging landlords. I wish I could get away from them.

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People toil all their lives for roti, kapda and makaan. And to ensure you get the makaan of your choice, Tata Value Homes says Ghar Aaja India because every individual deserves to own a house. With this brand new offering, Tata Value Homes is encouraging people to get free from the atrocities of living in a rented accommodation. They want the ghar to be your own place and not your landlord’s little space you live in and urge you to #BreakupWithLandlord.

The whole idea of breaking up with your landlord is quite exciting, isn’t it? So let’s see the 5 reasons Why I broke up with my Landlord. #GharAajaIndia

Owner ko Bass nahi pasand hai

Any bachelor who is staying in a rented flat will surely agree that most landlords have a lot of restrictions on loud music parties. Even though a party is ‘clean’, the owner will always gate crash to ruin everything. The landlords might be fine with you playing bhajans in the mornings (how many of you do this BTW?) but he hates when you play hip hop after work. After all, humare owner ko bass nahi pasand hai. One of the foremost reasons why you should #BreakUpWithLandlord

Landlord Sherlock Holmes hain humare

Who is the biggest spy in the world? Sherlock Holmes? Nah, your landlord! You might not know yourself as much as the landlord does. You used an appliance that the owner didn’t want you to. Don’t worry, he already knows about it, after all, Landlord Sherlock Holmes hain humare. Your second reason why you should #BreakUpWithLandLord

Khaana Landlord ki choice ka

You may be a Butter Chicken lover, but your landlord isn’t. So no chicken in the kitchen and only Saatvik bhojan. There are many landlords who have stringent kitchen rules in place. In such cases you often end up spending more – first on the rent and second on ordering food! Another reason why you should #BreakUpWithLandLord

Rent tab badhega jab Landlord chahega

Your salary increases when the company wants. Similarly the rent increases when the landlord wants. Whether you have an agreement in place or not, landlords do get involved in malpractices, be it with rent or other utility bills. Now you know why you should #BreakUpWithLandLord

Tata Value Homes Subvention Scheme

Tata Value Homes has come up with an interesting subvention scheme wherein you pay 10% , move in to your house and pay the remaining 90% after one year! Yes, one year free from EMI! The offer has amazing benefits. It will give you peace of mind. You will get time to pull in resources leading to lesser loan amounts. And most importantly no double burden of EMI and rent. It cannot get more exciting than this! This is the best reason to #BreakUpWithLandLord

5 Reasons Why I broke up with my Landlord #GharAajaIndia
Tata Value Homes. Courtesy: OneIndia.com

It’s time for role reversal. It’s time to become the landlord. With the amazing and lucrative offer from Tata Value Homes, it becomes all easier to #BreakUpWithLandLord and own a house. Are you staying in a rented accommodation? How would you want to #BreakUpWithLandLord? Mention your quirky ideas in the comments below or tweet to me at @Atulmaharaj

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  1. Ha Ha yes! Breaking up with landlord is very real. TVH has always come up with some of the most lucrative schemes of real estate!

  2. Very interesting post, let me tell the truth…when i go anywhere i miss my toilet much more than my room.
    subtitles are amazing.
    Good to know about the scheme, will be helpful for lots of people.

  3. Beakin up with the landlord was such a relief for us, ughhh, no more interference and list of rules to follow. Doesn’t matter what anybody says, its time India follows #GharAajaIndia ❤

  4. You’ve shared all the points that make staying in a rented home such a painful experience.
    Thanks to TATA Value Subvention Scheme a dream of owning a home will be realised by many.
    Thanks for sharing this with us.

    • True, be it bachelors or family, landlords can be a pain sometimes. Very rarely you find a good landlord. Thanks for stopping by Mayuriji.

  5. This is the best thing I heard today.The deals for TATA Value homes are amazing.I hope you get the home of your dreams.

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