OnePlus 3T - Bold and Beautiful.
OnePlus 3T - Bold and Beautiful.

GCam for OnePlus – Pixel like camera quality to your photos

Google’s Pixel phones have been known for their superior quality photos which many high-end phones with multiple camera setups don’t. With immense data with them, they’ve proved that software still can do wonders. 5 years ago, Google decided to make its Google Camera app public and what followed was a number of ports. And this post will be all about GCam for OnePlus phones.

If you are into technology, specifically smartphones, you’ll relate to this post for sure. The subtle 1.2-megapixel camera on decade-old phones is now about 48 megapixels. Gone are the days with single cameras as every manufacturer is coming with multiple camera setups today. With telephoto, Wide angle, Depth sensors, and whatnot, the once flat back panel is now becoming a crowded space. And Google with a single sensor was winning hands down. Let’s see how we can use GCam for OnePlus and bring amazing quality to our photos!

GCam – take your photos to next level

Most of us would agree that Google Pixel phones though priced higher have rock-solid cameras with the latest Android updates. The Pixel 3 XL costs close to Rs 60,000 (It did receive a price cut around the launch of OnePlus 7 Pro). Their new stripped-down version of the Pixel 3 – Pixel 3A – is still a good deal at around Rs 35,000 if you need a very good camera phone. And not everyone can afford the Google Pixel 3, while Google Pixel 3A I feel isn’t future-proof at that price.

But thanks to Google Cam – GCam – as it is popularly known, it is a gem for all other phones. Though the official GCam app might not be available for all phones, the devs at XDA and other portals are ensuring that we get a ‘ported’ app for our phones.

GCam – Pixel like image quality

As I said, GCam ports are out there in the open and you just have to find them. Since these are developed by individuals, it’s better to look for a stable version since it might lead to the camera malfunctioning. I did put a few of them on my OnePlus 3T and lost many photos since the app crashed and had to restart my phone. For many builds the developers suggest using a custom recovery or custom ROM. But the one I’m using currently is a stable one. And the photos you get are truly remarkable.

GCam vs OnePlus stock camera comparison
GCam for OnePlus 3T vs OnePlus stock camera comparison

You can clearly make out the difference between a photo from the OnePlus camera and GCam. The one above with GCam is sharper and has better clarity when zoomed in. It does wash out the sky but that can be tuned. The OnePlus 3T stock produced dull and soft images. Even the color of the trees at the bottom isn’t quite on target.

On the OnePlus 3T, there’s now portrait mode, but with Gcam for OnePlus 3T, there is! The algorithm is great at finding the edges and blurring the background to give that depth effect and create stunning portraits.

GCam for OnePlus – Download Link

So if you aren’t already on GCam, I strongly suggest that you try it out once. I’m sure you wouldn’t want to go back from it. If you are looking for GCam for OnePlus phones, head over to this link and look for the OnePlus section. They have download links to GCam for OnePlus 3T and Gcam for OnePlus 6. GCam for OnePlus 5 and even Gcam for OnePlus 7 Pro. Download and use them and notice the difference.

And if you are interested, check out this reddit post which talks about whether Google should be concerned about the GCam ports or not. Mention your views/feedback in the comments below or tweet to me at @Atulmaharaj

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