Delicious food at Prithvi Cafe - Paratha, Pasta & Beer Bottle Chaas
Delicious food at Prithvi Cafe - Paratha, Pasta & Beer Bottle Chaas

Lunch at Prithvi Cafe Mumbai – My Awesome Experience

While Vada Pav and Missal pav were my go-to dishes during my slow travel in Mumbai, I also didn’t miss out on visiting some iconic places too. Be it Aaswad, Shree Thaker Bhojanalay or Subko. So my list already had a few places that I wanted to visit and one of them was Prithvi Cafe in Juhu. Luckily it wasn’t quite far from where I was staying – and the fact that the commute is extremely cheap – I visited Prithvi cafe for lunch with a friend.

So, is Parthiv cafe worth the hype? Should you also visit Prithvi cafe? Here’s Maharaj’s review of Prithvi Cafe.

Prithvi Theater – Located in a Plush locality

One of the places that you would have heard a lot when people talk about Mumbai is Juhu Chowpatty. It’s known for the street food joints that welcome you before you hit the beach in the evening. Interestingly, I didn’t realise there’s a chowpatty in other areas, like Girgaon Chowpatty. (Did you know about this already?)

Anyways, Prithvi Cafe is located in Prithvi Theater. The famous Prithvi theatre. The iconic theatre was built in the memory of the late Prithviraj Kapoor. Some of the great plays were born here and even today there are regular plays that you can attend. So if you are a drama/stage act buff, (and a foodie) Prithvi cafe is perfect for you.

In terms of the locality and setup, it’s located a little further from Juhu beach. Parking is a big problem here as they don’t have dedicated parking. Also, the theatre is located inside a residential colony. There are shops on the road and hence be cautious that your car can be towed away if not parked in the right place.

Ambience at Prithvi Cafe in mumbai
Ambience at Prithvi Cafe in Mumbai

In terms of the size, the cafe isn’t quite large. It’s an open-air cafe adjoining the main theatre building. You’re greeted with a board with the list of plays happening and a queue. Yes, Prithvi cafe can be extremely crowded. They have a QR code that you can scan to reserve your table. But the waiting times can easily be 30-40 mins during peak hours.

Must Try Dishes at Prithvi Cafe – Review

Since it was only two of us, we couldn’t try a lot of things. That’s a disclaimer that I want to put out right away. We ordered a plate of Mixed Paratha along with Pink sauce pasta, Beer Bottle Chaas and Oreo Milkshake. The order booking system is also based on QR codes. While I looked around and loved the vibes at the cafe, the rather humid and hot weather of Mumbai irritated me. You’ll see a lot of artists, equipment moving around and decor being arranged. While we talked about our days at New Era Panchgani, the food made its way to our table.

A plate of parathas had two pieces of it served with Dal Makhni and raita. The parathas we ordered had a generous amount of veggies, Paneer and Cheese. They were roasted/cooked to perfection and the filling was excellent. The accompanying dal makhni was pretty delish. Moreover, the whole thing was served on a leaf plate (pattal as we call it in Hindi). Totally worth it and a must-try.

Delicious food at Prithvi Cafe - Paratha, Pasta & Beer Bottle Chaas
Delicious food at Prithvi Cafe – Paratha, Pasta & Beer Bottle Chaas

The Pasta on the other hand was done well too. It wasn’t too cheesy and was cooked aptly. The flavours were subtle and the veggies added the crunch. The garlic bread could have been better though.

Talking about the drinks, the Beer Bottle chaas was another one that stood out. It was chilled has served in a beer bottle. The chaas wasn’t too thick or thin in terms of consistency. It wasn’t also loaded with spices and hence was a perfect cooler for the hot and humid afternoon. If you’re in too and feeling thirsty, I’d also recommend you try the beer bottle chaas.

Lastly, the oreo shake was average. I’ve had much better shakes and this wasn’t just right there. So this is something that you could choose to miss.

While these were the dishes that I had at Prithvi cafe, there are a lot of other dishes that you could try. The bakery items like muffins, waffles and croissants are quite popular. If you’re not keen on having something heavy, you can surely grab a chai along with a puff, or sandwich and keep the conversations alive.

Food + Play = Prithvi Cafe

I was short on time and hence the meet was planned in haste. Had I had more time at hand and planned it well, I would have surely watched a play too. I’ve never seen a theatre act in my life and this could have been the one, unfortunately, it wasn’t. The place is lively during the day but I’m sure it comes alive during the evening. It ticked all the boxes for me – good vibes, good food and pocket friendly.

The only thing that didn’t amuse me was the crowd. Being an iconic place, the crowd will always be there. So if you are someone who cannot wait for their food, you might not find Prithvi Cafe that amazing.

That’s all about Prithvi Cafe that I wanted to share. If you are in and around Juhu, make it a point to visit and tick an item from your Mumbai Darshan trip. Let me know what are your thoughts about Prithvi Cafe in the comments below. Tweet to me at @Atulmaharaj, DM on Instagram or Get In Touch.

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