Soam restaurant Mumbai
Soam restaurant Mumbai

Gujarati Feast at Soam Restaurant Mumbai – Review

My slow travel in Bombay was all about exploring the city as much as possible. From checking out the beautiful cafes in Bandra exploring the awe-inspiring colonial-era buildings in South Bombay. Amongst all this, the one thing that was constant was Food (and work also, I was working remotely).

I explored a variety of restaurants and cafes in Mumbai. And one of the local favourites for Gujarati food is Soam restaurant. I was there for an evening supper/early dinner. Didn’t try a lot of things, but from whatever I could try, I realised why this was such a popular place!

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Read on to know more about my experience of dining at Soam restaurant in Mumbai.

Calm & Contemporary Setup

I was gazing at the Mumbai skyline as my cab crawled in the Mumbai traffic. The driver pointed to Antilia visible at a distance saying “Sir ye Mukesh Ambani ka ghar hai(Sir, this is Mukesh Ambani’s house) We made our way through the traffic as we drove to our destination of the evening.

Located at an extremely crowded junction off Babulnath road in Mumbai, Soam restaurant opens right on the main road. It’s like you open the door of the car and enter the restaurant and vice versa. As you get to the other side of the door, you leave all the noise and chaos outside.

Soam restaurant Mumbai
Soam restaurant Mumbai

The interiors are clean, minimal and contemporary. I particularly loved the colour scheme of yellow and green. Even the cutlery used is brass along with plates made from leaves. All in all, you’ll like the ambience.

PS: Not one of the largest, and you will end up in the waiting queue if you’re there at peak hours. Also, be ready to deal with noisy neighbours especially if there’s a family dining in.

Homely Gujarati Food For All – Soam Review

Soam started operations in 2005 and there has been no turning back since then. They have homely Gujarat food all along with the classic Mumbai street food. There’s also the Soam snack shop right next to the restaurant that sells traditional Gujarati snacks. So if you’re missing Gujarati, you might as well pick something from here.

Talking about the food, we tried only a few things. Since we’re there during summers, Ras Poori was a must. Apart from that, I was amazed to see Dal Dhokli on the menu. So without giving it a second thought, I ordered that. Also had a glass of Kokam sherbet along with Raw Mango slush.

Four pieces of fluffy and piping hot pooris were served along with a generous serving of Aam ras. There were also a few slices of white dhokla to go with. Dhoklas were nice, wish they gave mint chutney as well for this. The Aam Ras was pulpy and didn’t taste like it had any artificial flavour. Though it wasn’t as pulpy as the one I had at Aaswad, this was good in its own way.

Ras Poori, Dal Dhokli at Soam Restaurant
Ras Poori, Dal Dhokli at Soam Restaurant

Dal Dhokli on the other side was pretty good. It was served with a portion of Sambharu (raw Papaya salad) along with papad and a bowl of Dal Dhokli. Dal was flavourful, not too tangy, nor too sweet – just the perfect balance. However, the green chilly played a spoilsport.

Further, the dal also had bits of cashew nuts. If you haven’t had this dish earlier, you must try this. If you already have, you’ll realize that this is an amped-up version of the homely Dal Dhokli.

The desserts, both Kokum sherbet and Raw Mango slush were pretty good. Tangy in their own ways, both were quite refreshing for the humid and hot weather. The slush in particular was pretty new for me. It was a simple preparation, yet extremely flavourful. A Must try.

Snacks or Meals – Soam will not disappoint

The long queue of people waiting outside the hotel and the equally crowded place inside, Soam has earned the love and respect of Mumbaikers. The unsophisticated menu with the bare minimum items hit the right chords. I’m sure, the other items they serve are equally good. But since I was headed to other places for dinner, I couldn’t eat much here.

So if you are in Mumbai and are looking for an excellent place to try Gujarati food, Soam restaurant in Mumbai will not disappoint you. It’s priced decently and provides good value for your buck. That’s about it for my review of Soam restaurant, let me know if you have any queries, suggestions or anything and put them in the comments below. You can also tweet me at @Atulmaharaj, DM on Instagram or Get In Touch.

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