Vegetarian BBQ and starters
Vegetarian BBQ, starters and delicious chat

Signature Grills – Best Vegetarian Buffet in Hyderabad?

Restaurants have evolved over the years. Earlier the focus was only on the food, but today ambiance and hygiene have equal (if not more) importance. Apart from these, there have been restaurants that have changed the way we look at food. For instance, grill-based restaurants where place a barbecue grill on your table and lay down bbq starters for you to grill and eat. In Hyderabad (like most other cities), Absolute Barbecues and Barbecue Nation lead this barbecue space.

When it comes to vegetarian restaurants in Hyderabad, BBQ grill-based restaurants aren’t there. Signature Grills, a pure vegetarian restaurant in Hyderabad opened up last year, offering barbecue on the grill. While ABs and BBN serve both vegetarian and non-vegetarian items, Signature Grills is a pure vegetarian restaurant. They recently completed one year of operations and invited me to the restaurant to experience their offering. And in this blog post, I’ll share my Signature Grills review. Is this the best Vegetarian Buffet in Hyderabad? Read on to find out.

Signature Grills – The Vegetarian Barbecue

Jalavihar is one of the popular places in Hyderabad. Located around the famous Hussain Sagar, it’s a favorite hangout place for Hyderabadis. With gardens and food joints in the area, it’s a perfect place to spend an evening. There’s also Thrill City near Sanjeevaih Park which house some adventure rides for kids and everyone else. Since Signature Grills is located inside Thrill City, it might be difficult to spot. So you head to Thrill City and ask the security if you want to get to Signature Grills and they’ll guide you.

Good & Lively Ambiance

It’s not one of the fanciest or largest of places in the city. The decor is nice, refreshing, and colorful. As you enter, you’ll find a private dining room that can house about 40 people at once making it perfect for parties and get-togethers. On the opposite side, you have large windows that overlook Thrill city and it brings in ample light.

Ambience at Signature Grills in Hyderabad
Ambiance at Signature Grills in Hyderabad

There are multiple seating options with a couple of large tables and a few small tables. The tables are comfortable in terms of seating. The buffet area is opposite the window and can get crowded at peak hours. There’s also an open kitchen where you see your starters being cooked and stuff. Overall, it’s a decent place for a good friends and family outing.

Barbecue Grill & Starters

We were seated at our table and the grill was placed on the table. I was delighted to see only pure vegetarian options on the grill. We had Paneer Tikka, Banarsi Bhatti Ke Aloo, Tandoori Mushroom, Sweet Chilli Pineapple, Coriander Chutney Corn, and Chatpata Watermelon. All these items can be tuned to your taste and some of these are also available as Jain options.

Vegetarian BBQ and starters
Vegetarian BBQ, starters and delicious chat

In terms of Appetizers, there is Marali Broccoli, Soya Chilli Balls, Lotus Stem, Crispy Corn Kernels, and an assortment of Pizzas. All these are served on the table as well. One of the highlights of this vegetarian grill was the chaat items. Not many such places that I’ve been to serve good chaat. There are about 8 chat items on offer from Pani Puri, Pav Bhaji, Raj Kachori, Punjabi Chole, Dahi Bhalla, Puff Chat (my favorite), and Ragda Pattice. All these chat items were pretty good and tuned to your taste.

Good Variety of Main Course

The main course here includes a whole lot of items. It’s a mix of continental, North Indian, and South Indian dishes. From Pasta, Noodles, and Schezwan rice, to exotic hot and sour vegetables to Koftas, Paneer curries, dum aloo, and a variety of other curries. There is also an option of multiple Dal options – Dal Tadka and Makhni. While the Dal Makhni is their signature dish, I felt it could have been a little better. Lacked the punch for me.

Variety of main course dishes.
Variety of main course dishes.

There’s also an assortment of rotis that are served on the table. From Phulka to Naan and Tandoori Roti and Kulcha, you’ll get whatever you want. Overall, the main course is better than a lot of other BBQ grill restaurants in the cities. The curries are rich and flavourful and that’s what I feel makes Signature grills different from others.

Desserts and Drinks

Signature Grills has probably the biggest variety of eggless desserts. From fancy desserts like mud pies, swiss rolls, and a variety of pastries to desi mithais like Gulab Jamuns, Malpua, Rabri, and Chenna mithais, they have many options to choose from. I’m desi mithai fan, so I relished the Gajar Halwa along with ice cream.

Desserts and Drinks at Signature Grills Hyderabad
Delicious desserts and refreshing drinks

Talking about drinks, there are unlimited free cold drinks included as part of the buffet. Pepsi and Sprite are the two options available. Apart from that they also have some fancy mocktails that you can choose from which are chargeable extra. A couple of them that I tried was really good and rich. Plus these can be tuned to your liking too.

Largest Vegetarian Buffet – Signature Grills Is A Must Try

I’ve repeatedly mentioned that there aren’t many good pure vegetarian restaurants in Hyderabad. However, I’m seeing quite a few being added to the list. Signature Grills surely has one of the largest pure vegetarian buffet spread in Hyderabad based on my experience. The option for live grills is perfect for people who don’t visit other barbecue restaurants because they serve meat as well.

The starters are good and the chat items are really good. One of the best chats that are part of the buffet I’ve had. The main course is nice and the desserts along with drinks just complete the meal. Priced at Rs 899 AI, makes it much more desirable. It’s surely a value-for-money buffet for vegetarians considering the options on offer.

A recommended place for vegetarians in Hyderabad. Not only the food, but even the service is also good. Right from Chef Rajender’s magic to Himmat Singh and his team’s service, everything is on point. And I’m sure they’ll treat you and your guests well. That’s about it from me for this blog post, let me know your thoughts on this. Share them in the comments below, tweet to me at @Atulmaharaj, DM on Instagram or Get In Touch.

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