Comforting mains at Theth Masala
Comforting and Wholesome main course

Delicious Desi Khana at Theth Masala Hyderabad

As a food blogger, I’m blessed that I get opportunities to try different types of food. For someone who are dal-chawal all his life, the restaurant invites transformed my palate. That coupled with me shuttling between different cities in India, I’m always on the lookout for trying something new.

However, whenever I’m out with Family, it’s always Desi Khana. Whether it was at Kangan, Westin, or more recently at Gaurang’s Kitchen, desi food is what we as a family love. A few days back I was at Theth Masala for dinner with family and friends and in this post, I’ll share my thoughts about Theth Masala.

Ambiance At Theth Masala

Theth Masala is one of those places that I’ve been wanting to visit for some time. They have a couple of branches in Hyderabad, the first one in Gandipet and the other one in Tellapur. I’ve been to both of them and would suggest visiting the Gandipet once as that is much bigger and better. The one in Tellapur is new and much smaller.

In terms of the setup, Thet Masala Gandipet has multiple seating options. Indoor, air-conditioned seating is on the first floor. And the second outdoor seating which houses the bar counter. There’s ample space at both places and it totally depends on where you want to sit. Though I was with family, I sat outside because of the awesome weather that Hyderabad has been having for the last few days.

There are a couple of screens where they have music playing, I’m assuming they should be playing live matches as well. There’s also music that is being played so conversing can be an issue at times.

Ambience at Theth Masala Gandipet
Ambiance at Theth Masala Gandipet

Overall, I liked the setup, especially the outdoor one. It’s a great way to sit inside and still soak in the vibes outside.

The Menu – Food Review of Thet Masala

Theth Masala has a vast menu if I can say so. Right from continental to Chinese and North Indian. I’m glad they had a physical menu, but the condition of those wasn’t great. Theth Masala Gandipet serves alcohol and hence has a separate drinks menu as well.

Since I was out with family, there wasn’t much scope for trying something new, hence we went for the tried-and-tasted items. Further, we had an all-vegetarian table. We ordered Crispy Chilly Mushroom, Veg Starter Platter, Malai Kofta, Dal Makhni, Jeera Aloo, Jeera Rice along with rotis and naan. While I had a couple of Ginger Ales, there were a lot of lemonades and Virgin Mojitos ordered on the table.

Delicious Starters

The order seemingly didn’t take much time to arrive. Crispy Chilly Mushroom was fiery. It packed a punch with all the crispness. A little too spicy for me, but it was one of those dishes that you find spicy yet enjoy. The Vegetarian Starter platter on the other hand was pretty good. It has a variety of starters including Paneer Tikka, Hara Bhara Kebabs, Tandoori Aloo, Seekh Kebab, and Tandoori Gobhi to name a few. I liked almost all the items on the plate. A good thing to order if you’re with a large group.

Delicious starters - crispy mushroom & veg starters plate
Delicious Starters

Satisfying Mains

As much as we loved the starters, the fieryness of Crispy Mushroom made its presence felt. Hence we went a little easy on the mains. The Malai Kofta gave some relief to our taste buds. It was creamy, sweet, and just perfect. Jeera Aloo too had a generous amount of onions, garlic, turmeric, etc. Dal Makhni wasn’t that great as it had a tinge of bitter aftertaste. Jeera Rice was laden with Ghee but nicely done. I think the main course was quite comforting and satisfying.

Comforting mains at Theth Masala
Comforting and Wholesome main course

A Good Family Outing

Whenever we plan to go out, it’s me who always chooses the place and things to eat. Very rarely it has happened that it has turned out bad (not showing off!) Theth Masala too was the right choice. Everything from the ambiance and the setup to the food was good. The flavors were nice and even the portion sizes were decent.

The service was okay because it was a full house. In terms of pricing, it was decent according to me. After applying my Zomato Gold offer, I paid about ₹3300 for 5 people, which makes it ~650 per head which is pretty good considering the experience.

Overall a recommended place for an outing with friends and family. Not so much for the Tellapur outlet but the Gandipet one is worth exploring. That’s about it for this blog post, let me know your thoughts in the comments below, tweet to me at @Atulmaharaj, DM on Instagram, or Get in Touch.

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