Kochi to Vagamon on Activa
Kochi to Vagamon on Activa

Awesome Kochi To Vagamon Road Trip On Honda Activa

Those of you who’ve been following the blog for a few years, know that I did a Kochi to Munnar road trip on Activa a few years ago. I remember a lot of people telling me that it would be risky, but again that was the cheapest available option I had back then. This time around when I was in Kochi, I had a day off after my talk at KCD Kerala and I rented a scooter again.

However, I wasn’t quite sure of where to go since I had already been to a few places. After scouting the maps a bit, I thought to do a Kochi to Vagamon road trip.

In this blog post, I’m going to share details about the road trip from Kochi to Vagamon, everything about the route, food and fuel stops, Vagamon and everything else in general. So if you are also planning a trip to Vagamon soon, this is just what you need to read.


Tucked away in Kerala’s hills, Vagamon is a peaceful hill station that welcomes visitors with its natural charm. Surrounded by greenery, waterfalls, and misty valleys, it’s a quiet getaway from city life. You can take easy walks through tea gardens, explore pine forests, or just relax by the lake. Everywhere you look, there are beautiful views of hills and streams, offering a serene escape for anyone who visits. Vagamon’s simple beauty makes it a special place for those looking to unwind and connect with nature.

The weather is pleasant all year round, making it perfect for anyone who loves nature or adventure. However, the time when I went it got quite hot and sunny during the noon. While it was windy and the temperatures were low compared to Kochi, it was still sunny and hot. Hence, I’d recommend going quite early or visiting during the rains and winter to witness the waterfalls and the greenery. 

Having visited Munnar, I’d say this is a younger cousin of Munnar.

Kochi to Vagamon Road Trip

The distance between Kochi and Vagamon is about 100 km depending on where you start from in Kochi. There are a couple of routes that Google will show you, I took the default one that it showed instead of planning anything else. I started at about 6 in the morning from my hostel in Fort Kochi. According to the route, I initially took NH 85 and then moved to SH 15 until Pala passing through places like Kaduthuruthy. Pala is an important junction and you can take the bypass to avoid the city. From then on you drive until Erattupetta.

It’s from Erattupetta that the actual ghat roads begin. The climbs aren’t too steep for an Activa but there are quite a few hairpin bends until you reach Vagamon. The roads are narrow like you’d see in most parts of Kerala. So if you’re driving behind a heavy vehicle, then you need to wait for your turn to overtake. Further, folks on two-wheelers need to be extra cautious of these heavy vehicles, especially the oncoming ones. 

Road conditions from Kochi to Vagamon
Road conditions from Kochi to Vagamon

There are multiple viewpoints on the way as you reach closer to Vagamon.  Karyadu and Karikadu are the popular ones. You can pin them on the maps or the scores of cars stopped on the way will indicate that you’ve reached the viewpoint. I didn’t have great views since I was here during the regular season. However, I’d recommend coming here during the rain to witness lush green mountains and trees.

Overall, I’d say the road is pretty nice from Kochi to Vagamon. The road is narrow, but the condition is good. The last stretch of a few km to reach Vagamon town is not that great.

Kochi to Vagamon on Activa
Kochi to Vagamon on Activa

In terms of fuel stops in between, there are plenty of petrol pumps, however, they aren’t very close to each other. Hence I had re-fueled in advance. As for food stops, the road goes through many villages and towns so there are numerous small eateries on the way. During my onward and return journey I stopped at Sarvana Bhavan, both different but with good food. 

Places to visit in Vagamon

Since I was there in Vagamon only for a few hours, I didn’t spend much time visiting a lot of places. However, here are a few places that you must visit when you’re in Vagamon. 

  • Vagamon Pine Forests: Explore the tranquil pine forests of Vagamon, perfect for serene walks and enjoying the refreshing ambience amidst tall trees.
  • Vagamon Meadows: Relax in the expansive green meadows of Vagamon, offering picturesque views of the surrounding hills and valleys, ideal for leisurely picnics and photography.
  • Maramala Waterfalls: Experience the beauty of Maramala Waterfalls which is on the way towards Vagamon, cascading from a height amidst dense foliage, offering a refreshing escape and opportunities for swimming and picnicking.
Viewpoints and tea estate in Vagamon
Viewpoints and tea estate in Vagamon
  • Murugan Hill: Hike up Murugan Hill for panoramic vistas of the lush landscape and visit the ancient Murugan temple at its summit, a spiritual and scenic retreat.
  • Vagamon Tea Estates: Yes there are tea estates in Vagamon, but not like the ones in Munnar or Ooty. But you can take a leisurely stroll or guided tour through Vagamon’s lush tea estates, witnessing the tea-making process firsthand and enjoying scenic views of the rolling hills.
  • Vagamon Adventure Park: Experience thrilling adventures at the Vagamon Adventure Park, offering activities like ziplining, rock climbing, and trekking amidst the natural beauty of Vagamon’s hills. I went here to experience the glass bridge, but there were so many people that I came back. 

As I said earlier, Vagamon is a good place to visit. However, I’d suggest doing a one-day trip from Kochi to Vagamon as there aren’t many things that you can do here. There are a lot of resorts in the region that you can book and relax for a few days. 

Sunday Well Spent

It was a Sunday after my talk and I had already rented a scooter. I was figuring out a destination and I don’t know how, but Vagamon came into my mind. Left Kochi at about 6 in the morning and reached back around 4 PM. So I’m sure you can spend an entire day here. I’m sure Vagamon would be a different place during the rainy season, but it wasn’t quite great at this time of the year. 

So yeah, that’s about it for this blog post. Hope you’ve got insights to plan your road trip from Kochi to Vagamon. While this was my experience of riding an Active, I’m sure driving a car here would be equally fun. Let me know what you thought about this blog post in the comments below. You can also tweet to me at @Atulmaharaj, DM Atulmaharaj on Instagram or Get In Touch.

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  1. Brought back some fresh memories.. u had taken buses after buses, ghat tk local ones and without knowing any south language, to reach vagabon.. it was one journey.. your post made.me so happy..

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