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Light Phone - the Anti Smartphone

Here’s Anti Smartphone for Social Media Detox

With technologies like 3G and 4G coming into light, users have been using their smartphones for things more than just calling. Gone are the days when we had our phones filled with missed call notifications, all we can find today is WhatsApp, Facebook and Twitter notifications. Even if you try to stay away from your phone, these notifications will surely attract you. You would simply turn off the notifications and stay in peace. But things aren’t as easy as it sounds ! No matter what you do, if your phone is around, you will pick it up once in a while. You cannot get rid of the phone as you might miss out some important call. So how do you overcome this problem ? By getting yourself an anti-smartphone ! Yes, you heard it and Anti-Smartphone.

Light Phone - the Anti Smartphone

Light Phone – the Anti Smartphone

Light Phone, dubbed as the “Anti Smartphone” is one of those devices that will surely take you back in time – the nokia days I would say. Boasting a battery life of close to 3 weeks, this bare-minimum smart phone will surely help you get your Social Media Detox. The kick-starter project feels that Just the physical presence of the phone as an object on a table in sight, whether or not it rings, will change the course of our thoughts and effect a conversation we are trying to have. Going ahead with this ideology, the Anti Smartphone will act as your phone away from phone.

Anti Smartphone functioning. Image Courtesy: Light Phone / Medium
Anti Smartphone functioning. Image Courtesy: Light Phone / Medium

The ideology behind this is leaving your smart phone at home and converting it into a simple answering machine et Call forwarding machine. What it will do is, it will filter and forward only the most important calls to your Light Phone, thus ensuring you aren’t disturbed constantly. Brilliant idea isn’t it ? More over with the dimensions of a credit card and a batter life of close to a month, this surely is the anti-smartphone !

The Light Phone
The Light Phone

I feel, this is the perfect device when you are on a holiday. Simply set up your smart phone to forward only the required calls and relax. The best possible way to be away from the world and yet be connected to it in a way.

Even though, this device might be running slightly behind schedule, it will surely have many takers once its announced. I don’t know about you, but I would certainly have it with me on my trips. And for folks, who are on a Social Media Detox regime, this Anti Smartphone would work wonders, isn’t it ? What do you think ? Wouldn’t you want to have one with you ?

PS: Currently up for Pre-Order only in the US. Check it out here.

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  1. Much needed in today’s day and age! Thanks for sharing:) God knows I need this:)….

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