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End of dream for the Dreamliner ?

Most of us know what car, scooter we are travelling in. But have you anytime paid attention to what aircraft are you flying in ? This is something that many of us don’t do. (this doesn’t include my aviation pals). I am no expert in the field of aviation but do have some interest in it. I always try to know what aircraft am I flying in, Is it an Air-Bus 320 or maybe a Boeing 737 and so on.

Air India's Dreamliner 787. Courtesy - newindianexpress
Air India’s Dreamliner 787. Courtesy – newindianexpress

Well, one of the most eminent aircraft, the Boeing Dreamliner 787 has been grounded by many airlines across the globe due to safety concerns within months after it came into service.  This is kind-of-a-must-have aircraft in any airlines. With the ability to carry upto 250 passengers and travel a distance of almost 16,000 kms, this is the sky-ruler.

Air India's Dreamliner 787. Courtesy: thehindubusinessline
Air India’s Dreamliner 787. Courtesy: thehindubusinessline

The problems due to which this aircraft has been grounded includes Fuel leakage that has been reported by Japan Airlines.  Other issues include battery problems, debris and fuselage – (the complete central structure to which the wing, tail surfaces, and engines are attached on an airplane). Soon after Japan grounded the aircraft, the US department of Civil Aviation followed it and later the Indian counter part also decides to suspend Dreamliner’s operations.

Well, this seems to have landed Boeing in a soup. With still many orders left to complete, this problem has cropped up and will surely give nightmares to the company and its customers. With only two major companies ruling the high-skies market share, Boeing surely needs to rectify the problem.

I hope that to see the Dreamliner back in the skies asap ! Also, with just 5 hits away from 500, need your support guys !

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