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Wondering as to why I am writing about this rather than Djokovic’s hat trick at Australian Open or India’s dismal performance at Dharamshala ? Well, the only reason is that, I met my good old friends today. And this meeting was almost after 5 years ! (trust me 5 years is a long long time !!)

Such meetings always remind of the great things we did during our schooling days in hostel. From warden’s scoldings to bunking PT classes and much more.  And enjoying drinking koflet(cough syrup) from the dispensary daily to having a chapati-eating competition on days when we were served Paneer Bhurji. (One of the super specialty of my school). Those were some of the glorious days of my life.

My first home ! Courtesy:

Sitting with some of my friends after so many years is just amazing. We wonder what would have happened if we didn’t go to hostel and didn’t meet such amazing people. Just imagine how we could discuss the 4-5 years of hostel life in just a few hours ! From talking about fights among friends to friends and their secret relationships 😛 😉 and all the nonsense things we did during those days.

Seriously, you would completely agree with me if you have studied in hostel at a young age(college days not included !) 

A big hug to all my friends who made my hostel years glorious !! You are the most amazing people I’ve ever met !!

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