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You might be wondering : What is Top Level Domain or TLD ? Well, its simply the .com,.net,.org in a domain name. The most sought-of TLD is probably .com. People opt for .com for only one reason that it is easy to memorize. Even if i say someone that my website is Atulmaharaj and don’t say anything further, the user is likely to checkout first !

No gTLDs. Courtesy: seos[ecialist
No gTLDs. Courtesy: seos[ecialist
The regulation body that takes care of the domain names, TLDs etc is ICANN –  Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers. This had come up with a program inviting for new TLD last year around May. Many corporate biggies stepped in and sent the TLD they would want to use. Some of them are:

      • .apple – Apple Inc.
      • .makeup,.garnier – L’Oréal
      • .airtel – Bharti Airtel
      • .antivirus – Symantec
      • .indians – Reliance Industries
      • .cadillac – General Motors
      • .dabur – Dabur India
      • .dell – Dell
      • .gmail – Google
      • .java – Oracle
      • .intel – Intel
      • .playstation – Sony
      • .tata – Tata

These were some of the hundreds of application received by ICANN. Soon we will see some of these being used. Apart from these there are some common TLDs that can be used by everyone.

I did like some of these as they were unique and sound nice. Ones like, ilove.ketchup, will surely catch great momentum during the initial days.

Wish I could apply for atul.maharaj or maybe atul.sharma !

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