India and its Mughal connection

Yesterday I was watching a documentary on Taj Mahal on the National Geographic channel. The show talked about Zillelahi Shahjahan and his wife Mumtaz and their eternal love than led to the building of the world’s most magnificent structure.

Badshah Shah Jahan. Courtesy:
Badshah Shah Jahan. Courtesy:

The show talked about how India prospered under the reign of of Shahjahan, how trade, art and culture was at its peak at this moment. It also talked how Shahjahan built the Taj Mahal and how he was inspired by the glorious parts of the various monuments constructed by his fore father- his grand father and great grand father. This did prompt me to immediately get my tab and read about Shahjahan and his fore fathers.

The next thing I remember is that I was lost in the Mughal Era. Read about Shahjahan and his parents – Badshah Jehangir & Manmati. His full name was Ala Azad Abul Muzzafar Shahab uddin Mohammed Khurram.(Whoa ! That’s pretty long !) While reading, I clicked on the several links that took me back in time. Read about his grandfather – Akbar The Great, his great grand father – Badshah Babur

Map shows the Mughal domination for over 200 years. Courtesy:

I was truly engrossed reading and had no idea how an hour passed. I was/am deeply interested in the ancient Indian History. The Mughal Era was the time when the rulers showed their might, when law and order prevailed, and culture flourished and most importantly the people were content.

Aah…I could continue on and on talking about Indian History. Reading that article gave me a brief idea of the who’s who in the Mughal dynasty. Now that it produced a spark within me, I will try to spend some time daily reading about the glorious past of India. I wish, I witnessed a small part of the Mughal Era !

While writing this post I could hear the Jodha Akbar song – Azeem o shah shehensha… 😛

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