Hostel or Hotel ?

Was reading through an article about how boarding schools are slowly and steadily turning into luxury hotels. I feel not only boarding school, but even the day schools are following the same path. With parents ready to shell out almost 10 Lac a year, the school certainly has to provide luxury, haute and top of the line facilities.

I certainly don’t like this. Hostel is a place where one sends their child to experience various aspects of life. And I feel that if such lavish amenities are given in schools, then what experience would the children gain ? The one thing a boarding school will certainly teach you is “Things in life will not always be the way you want it..” And this is certainly a true fact and no one else would have experienced this better than what I did.

We have to stop hostel from becoming hotels ! Courtesy:
We have to stop hostel from becoming hotels ! Courtesy:

What’s the use of studying in a boarding school when you get all that you desire ? In these lavish and *ultra-luxury* schools, if one doesn’t like the food, he/she can probably order something from the menu. Well, won’t the child always eat what he/she likes rather than eating everything ?  Even when I was in boarding school, there were many things that I would never eat at home, but had no choice but to eat it in hostel. And what did I get by eating things I didn’t like ? Well, I now everything and anything vegetarian. Be it green saag or be it the bitter karela.

Another thing that springs up in my mind is the all cozy mattresses, the super cool air conditioners, the all a la carte meals and what not. Boarding schools are never meant for something like this. One should be focused and pay attention to studies rather than how un-cozy the bed is or how hot the place is. I’m not saying that amenities shouldn’t be given by school, but here should be a limit to it.

As said, I have too studied in a boarding school for few years and must say those were the glorious days. Initially had some issues, as there were many things that I would never do and was made to do at school but today I thank the school for all that. My school didn’t have the ultra luxury setup, but the simplicity of the school was the best. Simple food, great & jolly people (teachers, kitchen staff, sports staff etc etc), great atmosphere and loads of co-curricular activities.

Simplicity and discipline of New Era High School. Courtesy:

Studying at New Era High School, Panchgani was a great great experience. Stayed away from parents for the fist time in my life. Cried a lot in the initial days ! But later as months passed, there were many things I had accumulated. My First all alone (accompanied by a teacher) trip in train from Mumbai to Howrah took place when I was in class 7th. This was the time I probably learnt how to pack bags for trips, the must haves etc. My first all alone shopping with only a 100 Rs note. Trust me at time time 100 Rs was gold and still managing to buy everything in 100 was great fun. And today I am proud to say that I studied at NEHS and became the Head Boy of the school.

Being in a boarding school has certainly made me understand all the ups and downs in life. The way to live in case of crisis and most importantly learnt that Things are not going to be the way I always want them to be, so adjustment is the name life !

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