Encounter with a Pick-Pocket

My exams ended yesterday, and as promised to my mom, we were supposed to visit the Basant Utsav taking place at Noida stadium. This  is a large scale consumer, handicraft expo where on will find lots of unique and cheap items.

Basant Utsav Banner, Noida. Courtesy: tcnext
Basant Utsav Banner, Noida. Courtesy: tcnext

So as decided we reached the place and were looking at all that the shops had to offer. There were many shops that were selling various items like clothes, pottery stuff, handicrafts, home decor, kitchen items, regional food items and much much more.

As everyone, we also checked out the stores. We stopped at a particular stall selling some handloom stuff (sarees, kurtas etc.) Just as we were looking at the kurtas, I saw a young boy, maybe around 15 years old standing at the side at looking at me. In a flash I see that guy is standing just beside me with a blue bag with him. I thought something is wrong, (I had my mobile and some cash in the front pocket of my jacket) I just tilted my head and saw my mobile being sneaked out from my pocket and was on its way in his pocket and all this was being hidden by the blue bag. Luckily I saw him, caught his hand just then he dropped my phone on the ground and I asked  “Hello, bhai kuch problem hai kya ?” (Hey brother, any problems ?) And he said “Kuch nahi aapka phone gir gaya hai ” (Nothing, your phone has fallen down) I gave him a tight slap, and people gathered around us. I was like “Kya karne ka plan tha ?” (What were your plans ?) and gave him 3-4 more slaps. Even the crowd got in, but I was like “Hogaya, leave him” then some one from the crowd shouted, “take him to the office” I did nothing and left him, he just ran and went straight out of the park.

I thought that after taking those blows that boy would certainly not think of pick pocketing at least for few hours ! I certainly hope he doesn’t do it any more !

Pick Pocket. Corutesy: babusofindia
Pick Pocket. Corutesy: babusofindia

Well, indeed a lucky day for me. If I wouldn’t have realized the certainly I would have lost my in-warranty, new mobile !All in all a great experience. Just as it is said, “One must experience everything in his life” this was certainly a hell of an experience !

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