Internet – the new age Battlefield !

If you use your computer on a regular basis then some of you might  have notice a slight slowdown in the internet speed in the past few days. And this will certainly be irritating.

Who’s responsible for all this mess ? Well a company called Spamhaus  – maintains and provides the most accurate list of spammers – added a new entry to their blacklist Cyberbunker. Cyberbunker – a Web Hosting provider  – allegedly started “bazooka” attack which were distributed denial of service attack (DDoS). Spamhaus alleged that Cyberbunker, in cooperation with “criminal gangs” from Europe and Russia, was behind the attack.


Internet - the new age Battlefield !
Internet – the new age battlefield. Courtesy : mashable

This attack has been termed as the world’s largest DDoS attack in last 20 years by pioneer cyber security agencies world wide. This has led to massive congestion over the internet and massive slow down. According to Reuter’s report,  coastguards in Egypt saw couple of divers cutting the undersea internet cable. It is believed that this might be a reason that many internet users in Africa and certain parts of Asia are experiencing the lag.

Well, I don’t know about others, but my internet speed seems to have fallen from the 4mbps to a few kbs !! I have written this post in 3 parts due to poor internet speed. Tried changing the DNS servers, but that too didn’t help. I don’t know the reason behind my internet speed – the DDoS attacks worldwide or my ISP ?? Whatever it is, it is irritating !


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