Power of Ungli – The Ungli Campaign

India is the largest democracy in the world as we all know and when such a huge nation goes for elections, all eyes are on it. And being a responsible citizen it’s our duty to cast vote.

“I’m not interested in voting, kya faayda ??” is something which you would have heard a lot. It’s not something about ‘faayda’ rather it’s our ‘कर्तव्य’ (duty). The basic principle of Democracy is “By the people, For the people, To the people” and hence it’s our right to choose our leader.

I feel, If we don’t vote, we have no right to criticise the government for anything they do. Why ? Because we haven’t chosen them. On the other side, if we vote, we have full rights to question the government for every step it takes.

I remember the first time I voted(last year state elections) I was too excited and had reached the polling station at 7am sharp. After casting my vote, there was a sense of pride. I had contributed in nation building as a true citizen of my country. And now I’m again gearing up for the Lok Sabha Elections 2014 which has already begun for some states.

The Ungli Campaign is a nationwide campaign which is asking people to come out and vote. The campaign has already been covered by the Times of India, within 15 hours of its launch. It’s a wonderful thing that they are doing and I surely support this.

I along with The Ungli Campaign request you – Please Vote. It’s your right and don’t let your vote be wasted. Vote as a faithful citizen and help India become free from Corruption, Inflation, Scams etc.

करेंगे वोट इस बार,अब की बार हमारी सरकार ।
Hinglish Translation: karenge vote iss Baar, ab ki Baar humari sarkaar

Jai Hind !.

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