Make way for Redmi 1s – trick to get yours too ! ;)

Redmi 1s by Xiaomi is undoubtedly the most rapdily selling phone. And what better than getting it with an ease 🙂 Got this phone during the last flash sale on Flipkart – January 6th and was delivered on 7th itself ! As you might have read that this phone’ is getting sold out within seconds, well this in fact is true. This time around, the handset was out of stock in under 5 seconds !

Redmi 1S
Redmi 1S

But thanks to this script that helped me get my hands on this one ! The Trick to get the Redmi 1s and Redmi Note on Flipkart.

[sourcecode language=”JavaScript”] setInterval(function(){ $(‘.jbv-buy-big’).trigger(‘click’); console.log(‘Work in Progress’); },10);

Well, the code is self explanatory. The ‘Button’ that gets activated when the clock reaches 0. (Was surprised to see the code for the button present on the page itself, was expecting it to get it from some page when the time was 0) Anyways, since we know that the Buy Now button’s div tag contains ‘jbv-buy-big’, the script simply looks for the button using the div tag and using JQuery, clicks on the button. The time interval between the click is shown by the number ’10’ in the script. Now until the button is not active, it will print ‘Work in Progress’ once the counter is 0, the button will be clicked and congratulations ! The phone is in your cart..

To use this, simply open the site and navigate to the page where the counter is. When the counter is 2-3 mins away from 0, Right click on the page and choose ‘Inspect Element’. A small window will open in the bottom pane. In that window navigate to ‘Console’ tab and paste and execute the script and sit back ! Once the counter is 0, you would have already had the phone in your cart ! Proof Below:

The script works ! Courtesy: Atulmaharaj
The script works ! Courtesy: Atulmaharaj

Moving on, the phone itself isn’t that great, but for the price – its WOW ! The specs provided are amazing, and is able to handle many applications. The interface is smooth and MIUI ROM is just mesmerizing ! Initially the phone might get heated up, but make sure to update it to the latest version. Only issue I faced was in opening the back case. Found it pretty tough to get it off !

Well, all in all a great phone for the great price !

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