India's Daughter – bitter truth exposed

Just yesterday, I learnt that one of the journalists from BBC had interviewed one of the accused of the December 16’s ‘heinous’ crime and that particular documentary was scheduled to be aired on International Women’s Day. Well, what followed was expected. The government going all guns blazing, the blame game has begun. The home minister said he would be unhappy if the video was aired, the DG of Tihar jail has sent a notice to BBC networks to not show the video.

A simple question that comes to my mind (and almost everyone) – Why stop the video from being aired ? The journalist had all the required permissions to shoot the video and interview the accused. No one stopped them then. The officials had asked her to show the video before being aired, which she did. And no body asked her at that point of time too ! Why now !?

Just because it shows the ground reality of India ? The mentality that the people have ? Well, if that’s the case – which surely is – that’s the bitter truth, and have the guts to face it ! India is patriarchal society, where every man (most of them) believe that a woman’s place is in the house or in the bed. One of the lawyer in the video tells “Women are like flower – gentle, fresh; and men are like thorns – powerful, strong. If we keep a flower in a gutter, it is spoiled and the same flower if kept in a temple, it is worshiped” – this clearly depicts the mentality Indians have. And another lawyer goes on to say Indian women don’t belong to our culture !

This video has definitely stirred up some air in India and across the globe. Every person in the video had a different point of view. The accused himself asked “People have done worse act of rape than what we have done, then why punish us and not them ?” – which I feel is right too. One of the jail inmate said he is sentenced for 12 rapes out of the 200 rapes which he remembers he has done !!  On the other hand, another lawyer says “More than 250 sitting Member of Parliaments have a case of robbery, murder and rape. Why aren’t they tried under the fast track court ? If you want to show that you(government) do justice to everyone, start from your own neck..”

It’s highly unfortunate the disgraceful for a beautiful country like ours to be termed as “unsafe” for women. A tag, which will affect everyone. The only way to stop this would be to respect women. Women are the leaders of today, they are taking India to great heights and the only thing we men should do would be to stay by their side and see the success and progress…

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  1. Well written! Aren’t the Indians defamed much already by our graceful media who has all the negative news in the front page? Doesn’t that affect our image? Shouldn’t we be acting against them in a similar manner? A negative news will surely reach the headlines, a positive news would get a small section in some corner of a middle page.

    For Indians, it is hardly been for “us”, it is more about “I”. “I am not that kind of a person, why should I be flagged like them?”, would be the common phrase among us after watching the video. If only we saw an attitude like “Who is this beast among us? We should eliminate the chance of having such people in society.”, it could have been a better situation. These are the same hypocrite people who’ll blame the entire religion for the crime by few.

    • Thanks. Well the act itself was highly disgraceful for India, so media coming up with this news isn’t a big thing and it isn’t something we should be happy of either. As an individual it’s highly unfortunate that “I” have been tagged with such a bad incident.
      The incident has already brought out all the “I”s and have transformed them to “WE” and ensured justice for India’s daughter.

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