From College to Office – the transition

It was last year this time around, when I was busy preparing for my final semester exams. Those were some tense moments as there were deadlines to be met, various projects  to be submitted and a whole lot of other things. But amidst all of this there was an ‘ajeeb’ feeling that college was going to end in a few weeks time. We all were aware that, once the exam and project submission were over, all of us would take different routes and embark on this new journey as professionals ! Most of us – fortunate ones, I should say – already were placed in good companies, but we had to maintain our cgpa to ensure we get those jobs ! Just like many others, I too had a job in hand and soon after my exams were done, I was asked to report at Hyderabad – the city of Nizams. And this was a time for me to #StartANewLife.

Coming to this city after almost 8 years, made me feel a little comfortable. I was here way back in 2007 as a part of our educational tour. So all the tourists attractions were not new to me when I revisited the city in July. However, this time around, I wasn’t a tourist anymore, I was a professional – an IT Professional, well that’s how the world sees us now. One of first and foremost things that were to be done was accommodation, and thanks to the internet I was aware of what to expect in terms of facilities, budget, people, food et all, and for this, was by my side, helped me to a PG for myself ! So things were settled pretty quickly and I was all set to go to office !

From College to Office - the transition
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The next morning we had our joining formalities to be done, so we were asked to be present by 8:30 AM. Me being an ‘extra’ punctual person reached office by 7:30 itself ! Well, the major reason for this was the weather, it was about to rain and I didn’t want to be late on the first day itself ! I wasn’t alone though, there were many new faces as there were students like me from various other colleges from different parts of India, and amongst these faces, I found some familiar faces from my college too ! Soon we were given temporary cards and taken to a hall by a security guard. While walking to that room, we had a good look at the surroundings, and it was just WOW ! The campus was so clean and green too ! Dustbins everywhere, sign boards everywhere – we knew our lives were going to change from now ! In a flash, we were in a hall and were greeted by an unknown but jolly voice – “Welcome to our office !” and that marked the beginning of our hectic day. Documents were verified, checked, rechecked and by that time it was almost 6 in the evening. At the end of it we were given our employee ids – and there it was, we were part of the company ! It was a #StartANewLife moment for all of us.

Today, after so many months when I look back at that day, I realize, things weren’t easy back then, especially when you leave your house and come to stay at a totally alien place and stay with aliens (not to be mistaken with the UFO aliens :P)  and have alien food ! From eating Chhole Bhature and Rajma Chawal back home, within no time, they were substituted by Idli, Lemon Rice and curd Rice and today, I can’t stay without curd rice ! Also, the language itself was alien, in initial days, I was always irritated when someone responded to me in Telugu. It’s natural. When you don’t know what’s happening around and when you ask for help, all you get is few magical clueless words ! But today, I can confidently say Naaku koncham Telugu telusu 😛

Well, you would have realized that this post has taken you through  different phases – from college, to a fresher recruit in a new city, and now to a seasoned native of the city. Life has a lot of twist and turns and you can’t expect things to happen according to your own will. Unfortunately, most of the times things are not how we want them to be. In those difficult times, one has to be strong and be ready to face it. Every phase of life is like Starting a New Life. New place, new people, new language, new food but the same old you – so face it and Start a New life with a smile on your face !

Cheers !

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