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One thing that every person who has studied in a boarding school would agree that the friends you make at that time will be friends forever. Its that part of life when you are all by yourself among other children who are in a similar state of yours – away from parents. And that’s the time when you need a good company that can be by your side in times of joy and happiness, literally always. When you are with them during your schooling days, you would get into lot of fights, quarrels but that’s not the time when you realize their true importance. Once the schooling is over and everyone is moving back with their parents, that’s the time when you realize the importance of these people and the place they occupy in your life.

Well, now after almost after 7 years since I left my boarding school, the most joyous moments are when I meet my hostel friends, or even a call / text from them cheers me up !  The whole thought of meeting them makes me joyous. One such meeting that I had in the recent past was when I decided to visit one of my close friends in Jaipur. And trust me, once the tickets were booked, the excitement had already begun ! While I boarded the Double Decker Shatabdi from Delhi to Jaipur, I get a text from my friend asking “Abbe train mein baitha ki nahi ??” (did you get on to the train ?) and then began a texting session that lasted over 4 hours till the time I reached Jaipur. I had decided not to get down the train, until unless my friend came to receive me at my seat 😛 Well he did come, and what followed next was hugs and laughter amidst this we forgot that there were people waiting for us to get down.

Feelings Can Change, Passion Will Fade, Partners Will Come and Go, but through It All . . . One Thing Remains Sacred: Friendship #Together Image Courtesy: wallpaperhi.com
Feelings Can Change, Passion Will Fade, Partners Will Come and Go, but through It All . . . One Thing Remains Sacred: Friendship #Together Image Courtesy: wallpaperhi.com

Early to bed and Early to rise..” is my mantra, so usually I’m asleep by 10 or so. But that day it had to be something different. We went to the terrace of his house(his house is very close to the airport and in a great locality, you could check housing.com to find one for yourself too ;)), with cold drinks and packets of snacks to munch on. The weather was amazing, cool breeze and clear sky, and a perfect moment to talk about our golden days at school. From fights to chappati and Paneer Bhurji eating competition 😉 to who had a crush on whom, we talked about literally everything. #Together we called up out other batch mates just to fool around, and mimicking teacher’s voices on the phone and that too at 2 am ! Well, that night was a hell of a night. It was probably the only time I hadn’t slept, and thanks to my friend for making this happen 😛

Being #together for all these years and meeting after a long time brings lot of memories alive. Those few hours made us realize what we were and what we are today is all because of school and the friends we had. Catching up with old friends and having a chat is something I always cherish, puraani baatein always brings energy so that I can move on and face the odds.

So, I would end this with a great quote:

I hope we’ll be friends forever, #together we’ll always be. I don’t think you understand just how much you mean to me. And one day when we part our ways, we’ll think back to the past and think about how happy we are ’cause our friendship will always last...”

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