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At this point of time Discounts and Coupons have become the primary differentiating factor while making purchases. Be it ordering your favorite Pizza or recharging your mobile, you will surely use a service that is providing the best deals. Deals now a days range from free Burgers on a minimum purchase to a healthy 20-30% discount on some of the leading online apparel stores. And for this very reason, companies are coming up with new apps and services that will provide better deals and rewards ! And in this race of ‘Rewarding Apps’ we have our very own Airtel, making a mark.

Airtel’s My Airtel App does exactly this. No more switching from one app to other in search of coupons, because now your very own service provider has some great offers for you ! The App, which is currently available only for Android (iOS version in the pipeline and should be out soon :P) already has over 86,000 ratings on the Google Play Store and has certainly made a mark. The USP of this app is ‘Shake and get offers’. Simply download the app, register your mobile and shake it to get tailor made exclusive offers just for you ! From extra talk time to extra Data, there’s every thing for everyone.

Get exclusive coupons. Courtesy: Play Store.
Get exclusive coupons. Courtesy: Play Store.

Not only the app allows you to recharge your phone, it also allows you to recharge your Airtel Digital TV, Airtel Wallet accounts. And apart from free data/talktime offers, the app has some great deals too. Say you are going to recharge your mobile for 200Rupees, before checkout you can get some of the best deals on dinning, shopping, travel and much more.

Manage Multiple Accounts from My Airtel App. Courtesy: Play Store
Manage Multiple Accounts from My Airtel App. Courtesy: Play Store

Since I’m more of a data user, I usually recharge for a 3G pack. 3G Pack now a days are costly, I mean almost 250Rs for 1 GB of 3g data ! But because the app provides free data while recharging for 1Gb and above, I would this app any day ! Another great feature of this app is that you can link ‘n’ number of accounts to this app, as in you can have your mom’s phone, dad’s phone, your dth account all of it in one single app ! Also the app shows you the remaining talktime and remaining data for your device. Plus it even notifies when your due date is close.

Get Free Data on Data pack recharge. Courtesy: Play Store
Get Free Data on Data pack recharge. Courtesy: Play Store

Well this app has lots of features, below I list some of it:

  • Simply shake the phone to get exclusive offers for you – from free Data to Free Talk time, simply use the coupons to recharge your Airtel mobile
  • Free coupons on dinning, apparel, travel, online shopping et all
  • Link all mobiles, DTH Account, Airtel Wallet account and manage them from single app
  • Get a list of all services subscribed by you
  • Check the remaining balance of your talk time or data
  • Get notifications related to due date of your mobile/dth account

With all of it in one single app, this surely has to be on your smartphones now ! So what are you waiting for, head to the Google Play Store and download the #MyAirtelApp and get rewarding 😉

I would be glad if you try out my app too, click on the link below to download my app.
Get it on Google Play

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