MSM - Mummy's School of Managment. Image Courtesy:
MSM - Mummy's School of Managment. Image Courtesy:

I Admit, I’m from MSM – Mummy’s School of Management – Bona fide !

I am from MSM Mummy’s School of Management. An institute from where every single person would have learned the ABCs of Management. Yes, just like we say “Charity begins at Home”, learning too, begins at home. Mummy’s School of Management is a unique institute where everything right from the housekeeping department to the academic department is spearheaded by one person – Mummy. Mummy is the only “True” multi-tasker that exists now. Yes forget all your smartphones and the superfast PCs, nothing can match the multitasking-ness of a mother…

Who wouldn’t have heard of the prestigious business schools like the Harvard Business School or maybe the desi Indian Institute of Management? These are the pinnacle of some of the most sought after management courses, from Business Administration to Hotel Management, from Supply Chain Management to Retail Management, and the list goes on and on. They are home to some the world’s smartest and innovative minds. But have you ever wondered, management isn’t all about the course itself, it’s also a skill – not everyone can be good at it. And I feel that we acquire this skill right from our childhood… This post is a special Mother’s Day Ode for all the wonderful mothers !

Mom and Me. Courtesy:
Mom and Me – Representational Image. Courtesy:

Mummy is an Expert in all fields, be it Resource Management or Event Management, she has got all that it takes to plan and execute virtually any task at hand. Mummy can play a role of a Tech Lead, a Project Manager and even the CXOs! So let’s see what all does one learns in this Mummy’s School of Management.

The Supermom Mummy !

  • Banking and Finance Management: And you thought BFSI (Banking Finance Securities and Investments) only existed in MNCs – Think Again! From Pinki’s sudden demand of a hair clip to Pappu’s pav bhaji demand everything and anything will be met, no matter how crunch she is running on her budget. The best Micro-Finance manager is right in your house and that’s where we learn about the basic finance management. Learning Outcome: Try and save as much as you can, because that is what will help you in difficult situations.
  • Hospitality Management: Suddenly Mr. Chaddha decides to come over with his entire family of almost 10 members, what do you do now? Well not to worry, our SuperMom is there to manage. She’ll always have some quick recipes up her sleeves that will be unleashed in such situations and will surely delight everyone’s taste buds! Learning Outcome: Always have something in the kitchen; you don’t know who will come over and when!
  • Crisis Management: Onion Prices have gone up, your favorite Party shirt isn’t ironed, you had a fight with your best friend, what do you do now? Once again our SuperMom to the rescue. Vegetable prices have gone up? No big deal, she can cook up something from the ‘not-so-tasty-ugly-looking-green-dal’ which would make you lick your fingers! Or might surprise you with a brand new shirt that was hiding in that closet. Whatever be the crisis, Mummy’s School of Management has a way to deal with it.
Multitasking Mom. Courtesy:
Supermom. Courtesy:
  • Healthcare Management: Piku’s father is troubled with Constipation, and Piku just fell from her new bicycle. Before you reach out for that phone to call a medico, your Mummy would definitely have some “Gharelu Nuskhaa” ­aka home remedy for any sought of immediate medical assistance that is required. Learning Outcome: you surely would try out one of her ‘nuskhaa’ before reaching out for the doctor 😉
  • Public Relations: From dealing with your ill-mannered security guard, to your ‘nakhre-waali’ bai, your SuperMom can deal with anyone. She can be as stern as “Hitler” and she can be as sweet as “Lata didi”, she has got all that is needed to communicate with the different elements of the society.
  • Event Management: Organizing the spiritual ‘Satyanarayan Katha’ or Pappu’s Birthday Party or Tina’s wedding, our SuperMoms are everywhere. Right from getting the materials and ensuring that they are at the right place. From dealing with the caterer to dealing with the decorator, Mummy can single handedly manage the entire show!

Well, these are just few of the thousands of Management Courses that are offered by Mummy’s School of Management. We as children learn by what we see is happening around us and in what way. In many tough situations we might think “What would amma do if she was in my position right now?” and we act accordingly. These few key management skills are part of a bigger learning course called Life.

Of all the “courses” mentioned, I have learnt some integral life-saving skills in micro finance, event management and more in Public Relations. I have learnt how to deal with people of all types, from the so called ‘akdu’ types to the cool heads. Be it a pressure cooker situation or a calm relaxed one; I have learnt the skill of dealing with different people in different situations from the guru, the expert – my SuperMom!

Are you from MSM too ?

This post is a salute, my respect for our multi-talented-multi-tasking-management-guru and Expert moms who work day in and day out be it office or home. Our moms have made life very easy and have been besides us all this time. Now that she’s growing old, it’s our turn to give back all she has done. Share this post with your mother and see her smile. Share it with all the mothers and show them how important they are. What else do you think are the superpowers of mothers ? What would be your Mother’s Day Ode for your mother ? Mention in the comments below or twee to me at @Atulmaharaj or DM me on Instagram.

‘This post has been written in association with Blogchatter for their Mothers Day Special.”

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