EdX Course Review: Microsoft DEV203x – Introduction to Bootstrap

Technology has changed the way we live, the newspapers have become digital, shopping has become effortless and a whole bunch of things have changed. Thank to the advancement in this field that even the classrooms across the world have become ‘Smart’ and by Smart I mean they now posses a lot of interactive tools to help children learn and understand concepts in a better way. Technology indeed has played an important role, and along with the Internet it has ensured that the classrooms today have no boundaries. Anyone and everyone with access to a ‘basic’ computer and internet (and of course the willingness to learn) can now learn. How ? Thanks to MOOC – Massive Open Online Courses. And this post is about one such course which I completed (Yay !) and earned a certificate too – Microsoft DEV203x – Introduction to Bootstrap.

Massive Open Online Course. Courtesy:
Massive Open Online Course. Courtesy:

Well this was one of my first courses on Edx(Thanks to my ‘mylord’ friend for introducing me to this) Since it was a practical lab based course and the fact that it was taken up by Microsoft, made me to enroll in this course. The course was an introductory one with the last few modules being slightly on the intermediate level. The instructor Christopher Harrison was amazing. The way he presented the content along with performing the demo exercises ensured everyone understood the concepts perfectly. Further the lab assignments were apt and were according to what was taught. Further there was a peer review process too which helped understand the concepts better.

My Course Progress.
My Course Progress.

Overall, it was an amazing experience, indeed made a lot of friends during the course. It was all together a different environment, and the fact that it was a self paced course helped me balance my work and this in a great way. Have enrolled in a couple of other courses too, so if you land up there do look for me(Atulmaharaj) And just like we need food for our body, learning is food for our brain, so learning is and always will be an ongoing process !

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