Siri: Give me a Hint

Siri: Give me a Hint, is possibly the most searched phrase currently on Google and why not, the world’s most valuable company Apple Inc. has something special for all the loyal and the unloyal fans around the world. The ‘Cupertino Giant’ is all set for an important announcement.

Apple Invite for the September 9 event. Courtesy: MacWorld.
Apple Invite for the September 9 event. Courtesy: MacWorld.

The company has sent out invites for the event and I must they are pretty amazing ! The invite is simple and reads “Siri give me a hint” surely gives  a giant tease as to what to expect. The company is known to announce new devices in September, and this year isn’t any special. Amongst the rumored devices are the new iPhone 6S along side a new model of the iPad and possibly the Apple TV.

Well so I did try to get a hint from Siri and here is what she had to say:

Siri Give me a Hint !
Siri Give me a Hint !

Smart and witty as expected, the company is leaving no stone unturned to keep up the hype, well only time will say whether it was worth or not. Nevertheless, wait for September 9 and till then try getting a hint from Siri 😛 Do share the witty responses you get 😉

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