The Black Friday Chaos. Image Courtesy: The Guardian.
The Black Friday Chaos. Image Courtesy: The Guardian.

The Black Friday Chaos

The whole world is aware of the famous Black Friday sales that is currently going on in US. This one of the biggest shopping sale in the world with almost every online retailer being a part of it. The best part is that the sale is not limited only to the online but also to the brick and mortar stores. This is the time when the stores gear up for the high foot fall. With huge discounts on everything right from groceries, apparel, electronics, furniture and what not, huge number of people queue up at the stores much before the sale begins to grab that perfect deal. Moreover due the great offers, often people tend to injure themselves during the sale and its more of a Black Friday Chaos !

The Black Friday Sale ! Image Courtesy:
The Black Friday Sale ! Image Courtesy:

Even thought this time around the footfall has dropped by 10 % as quoted by The Guardian, there have been many instances where people have been badly hurt while trying to grab a product. This isn’t a pleasant sight to see at all. Here’s a video that will show how the situation exactly is at ground zero and the Black Friday Chaos.

The video shows the Black Friday Chaos as a sea of people rushing into the stores the moment the gates are open. Further how there was a stampede at one of the store as people tried to get in. You could see people fighting and trying to snatch products from one another resulting into an utter chaos.

Just a few weeks back we hailed the humanitarian efforts after the Paris attacks, and now we are getting to see this. An appalling difference between the two. This is very disturbing indeed. So if you too are planning to grab a bite off the Black Sale, then stay Safe ! However if you are an online shopper worry not 😉

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