The power of Music

Power of music

Have you ever wondered what is that one thing which is present always be it a party with friends, a family function or probably that road trip you had recently when you traveled to Goa ? If I give you options, many of you might have Music as your answer. Well that’s right ! Music is something that is always around you. In times of happiness or the testing times, it has the power to transform your surroundings and make your feel relaxed.

No matter how stressed you are it is one of the best stress reliever. And the best part is you have music for all occasions, thanks to some amazing voices that have made every second of your life enjoyable. Here I jot down some of the best songs / singers that you can enjoy at various times of the day.

The Rock On music surely will wake you up ! Image Courtesy:
The Rock On music surely will wake you up ! Image Courtesy:

Start your day with a dose of fast, energetic music that will charge you up for the rest of the day. Some of the best songs that can be a part of your morning regime are: Zinda from Bhaag Milkha Bhaag, Ziddi Dil from MaryKom, Saturday Saturday from Humpty Sharma ki Dulhaniya, Sooraj Dooba from Roy and many more. These songs will surely wake and shake you up ! Either you make your own playlist or head to paid service and let them tailor make a playlist just for you.

For the rest of the day, you can enjoy various artists or genres that you prefer. For guys like me who are glued to the computer the whole day, some punjabi beat is what is required 😉 Grab a pair of headphones if you are unable to play music on your desktop. Just play some music while you are at work and I bet you won’t realize how fast the time passes ! It will not only make your boring work a bit interesting but will also make you feel relaxed. I would prefer to get the latest chartbusters and shuffle them.

Tata Zica Music System - the perfect partner for long drives. Image Courtesy:
Tata Zica Music System – the perfect partner for long drives. Image Courtesy:

Another question ? How many of you can drive without music ? Well I’m quite sure most of you would Cannot drive without it. Once in the car, your hand would reach for the Music Player much before starting the engine ! Some might prefer listening to Radio which would play the latest songs along with the much-needed traffic updates or news. Others love to carry their music, so they might hook up their pen drives or use their phones. The in-car entertainment systems have evolved greatly. I remember having the old cassette player in my Maruti 800 and then enjoying the CD player in my Tata Indigo. These entertainment systems coupled with some amazing speakers turn your car into a music lounge.

Mesmerizing Khwaja mere Khwaja. Image courtesy: Music
Mesmerizing Khwaja mere Khwaja. Image courtesy:

Once at home, it’s time to get rid of all the office related work you’ve had. This is time when you need some soothing music that will ease of all the stress. I would prefer Sufi songs any day for this. Sufi music has that ‘sufiana’ andaaz‘ that’ll give you goosebumps. For instance, listen to Khwaja by Rahman from Jodha Akbar or maybe Kun faya Kun from Rockstar, such songs are bound to elevate you and take that stress off you.

So you see how simply adding music to your daily routine can subtract those boring moments. I’m quite sure once you start enjoying music, it’ll be hard to live without it. You don’t need swanky phones or gadgets to get your daily dose of music. A simple FM radio will do a world of good. So grab a pair of headphones with a great playlist and enjoy…

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