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Navigating the streets of Delhi 6

Masakkali Masakkali ud Masakkali…” would play in your mind the moment someone talks about Delhi – 6. For all of you who aren’t aware of what Delhi -6 is, it’s the old Delhi area (sounds much better as Purani Dilli) and the pin code of Purani Dilli is 110 006 and so the name Delhi – 6. Purani Dilli houses some of the best markets in Delhi, or THE BEST market in Delhi. You name it and they have it. Navigating through the streets of Purani Dilli you’ll find everything from replicas of Manish Malhotra Lehenga to Desi Ghee de Parathe, you’ll find everything there.

Delhi 6. Image Courtesy:
Delhi 6. Image Courtesy:

The market of Purani Dilli is spread across a vast area, locked between the two mighty monuments, the Red Fort at one end and the Lahori Gate on the other. These markets cannot be and Should not be navigated by a two-wheeler, three-wheeler or in fact any number of wheels, the best way is to survey the market on foot. It would take about 3-4 days to walk into every lane of the market and explore.

Getting around Purani Dilli is easy, thanks to the Delhi Metro which has a station Chandni Chowk on the yellow line. (Delhi Metro has different tracks running and have different color codes for them) to reach Chandni Chowk, you can take a Metro on the Yellow line from Rajiv Chowk (Connaught place) or New Delhi station which is on the yellow line itself.

Once you are out of the Chandni Chowk metro station, you will be walking in lanes, navigating from one to the other before reaching the main road. One way would lead you to the Chat shop while other near the Gurudwara on the main road. Now if you want, you could what I did – divide the entire area into three parts and spend one day in each part. Start from the Red Fort area, navigating through the lanes of Bhagirath Place where you’ll find all electrical supplies from LED lights, microprocessors, resistors and what not. These guys are so good at this that they know the processors by the number, as in you can walk and tell them 8086 chahiye. The area further sub divides and house a lane which has everything for your health needed a, medicines, health supplements in bulk, this is where you get it. There is also a market which sells only cameras and lenses.

World famous Parathe waali Gali. Image courtesy:
World famous Parathe waali Gali. Image courtesy:

Coming down to the Gurudwara, you will see the famous Ghantwala sweets at one side and the famous Parathe waale gali on the other. These parathas are not for the health conscious folks, because these are deep-fried ! Once you cross the Parathe waale gali, the cloth market starts and goes up till Nai Sarak – famous for books and stationery supplies – which leads to Jama Masjid. And then there are dedicated lanes for footwear, spectacles, and bags. Walking further down you,I’ll come to a T-junction which will lead to Sadar Bazar. This is the area from where spices, pulses, edible oils are transported to all the parts of the country and even world-wide. You will find some of the best dry fruits here and enjoy the famous Gyanis’s Kulfi Faalooda, air lunch at the Kake Di Hati.

Purani Dilli should be on your bucket list when in Delhi. This is one of its kind market where you shall find everything. Grab a sling bag, a bottle of water , good shoes and start exploring the lanes of Delhi !

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