Advertisements in India: Realistic and Impactful

Olx Aadhe Tere Aadhe Mere Advertisement.

Just like everything has evolved over the years in India, it’s good to see that even advertisements have become more realistic and sensible. Few years ago we had ads where a guy who applied a chocolate flavored deodorant, turned into a ‘chocolate’ boy and all the girls on the streets were running behind to lick him ! I mean ridiculous, that would never ever happen in real life scenario. But in the recent times, a lot of thought has been put in making advertisements to create an impact so that every other person could relate to at least one or the other thing.

One of my personal favorite recent advertisement is of Nivia body cremé. The ad shows a young, innocent boy restless to go and play with his friends, while his mother is telling him to take care while playing but he isn’t interested in listening, and then she says “Main hamesha tumhe yeh sab batane ke liye nahi rahoongi” and the boy just stops doing everything and just looks at his mother – with his cute innocent face – and says “Aap mujhe Chodh kar chale jaaoge ?” The innocence portrayed in the advertisement that the kid is scared that his mother won’t be around, is totally relatable by one and all. Every mother cares for her child and this conveys the message bang on ! This is the perfect example of ads we have today.

Not only this, Olx too has come up with some magical ads in the recent times. Their most famous is definitely the “Aadhe tere Aadhe mere…” About a working couple and based on woman empowerment, wherein the girl’s husband sells his car and buys two cars so that this wife could be more independent. Such advertisements are heart touching and seriously leave an impact on the buyer’s mind. These are a great way to attract prospective buyers to try the advertised service.

Also there are many advertisements touching upon social issues like same-sex marriage, arranged marriages et al. A recent ad by Biba shows the beautiful Regina Cassandra getting ready to meet the groom when she tells her father that marriage should be with the guy of her choice. To her surprise, after the guy’s parents had finished questioning, her father asked whether they could come to the guy’s house to see what he can cook, coz the father wouldn’t want her daughter to stay with someone who would feed her noodles all her life. This totally deserved a standing ovation.

So it’s nice to see that advertisements in India have improved fairly in he past few years as they have become bore realistic and hence more relatable and creating a greater impact. And that’s how it should be. No one would have experienced girls ‘literally’ hanging around them after applying a deodorant ! Glad to see our advertising and media working hard to reach the people in a realistic manner.

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