Cricket T20
Cricket T20

Impact of T20 Cricket

Cricket has been evolving ever since it was first played in the 1600. The game spread from England and is currently being virtually played by all countries. Barring United States, all the countries including West Indies all the way to Australia. The most famous and the toughest format of the game is the Test Cricket which is trying to survive now a days. With the Introduction of One Day Internationals, the game became fast and with the start of T20, the game has become fast and furious and has had a great impact on the game.

With the advent of T20, everyone from the Players to the officials have had to adapt to the fast paced cricket.Because of this new format, players had to come up with new strokes, tweak their bowling and improve their fielding. It has taken immense practice for the players to tweak their game to suit the needs of the new format. Well, some of my favorite tweaks that have taken place because of T20 are shared here.

David Warner playing the switch hit. Image Courtesy: foxsports
David Warner playing the switch hit. Image Courtesy: foxsports

Starting with the batsmen, a lot of changes have been made right from the basic stance. From standing inside the crease to standing well outside the crease is the new mantra. I myself always took the leg stump stance when I played. Some of the novelle batting shots including the reverse-sweep, the dil scoop and the switch hit. These shots have evolved to ensure the batsmen are able to score as many runs as possible. Be it the death overs or the early innings, such shots are also needed to make the bowler think.

Spin is they for T20. Image Courtesy: IBNLive
Spin is they for T20. Image Courtesy: IBNLive

Not only batting, but bowling too had to be tweaked as T20 was dubbed as the batsman format. The format has had a huge impact on the bowler and  a bowler has to constantly think as to how to deceive the batsman in the next delivery. And for the very reason different variations were made to bowling. The deadly slower delivery has to be the best tweak. Slow balls require a lot energy to be hit and a lot of practice to pick it up. And that’s one of the reasons that spinners have been preferred.

This has been possibly the vast change for the game. It has changed how Cricket is watched worldwide. Thanks to T20 that the viewership has gone up. Because unlike Football, ODIs too almost a day and test cricket, let’s not talk about it.

However due to this Test Cricket is finding it tough to survive, regarded as the toughest form of Cricket, even the Test Cricket has been T20izised and it’s not a good sight for any Cricket fan. It’s nice to see that the ICC is taking a lot of steps from Day Night Test matches to Pink Ball, but Test Cricket needs a lot more to survive the impact caused by T20 cricket.

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