The “Unreal” Marathon

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We have burnt well over 3000 calories on a daily basis for the past few days. No we aren’t running from Hussain Sagar to Gachibowli Stadium neither we are running from JLN Stadium to the Parliament nor we are running from CST to Bandra. We are infact in the comfort of our houses or offices with a mug of coffee busy typing. Yes we are a part of a unique marathon – blogging marathon – and trust me it’s as grueling as running one.

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This is a first of its kind event that I’m a part of  and past few days have been the most challenging days and the irony is it’s just the beginning – picture abhi baaki hai mere dost. Handful of bloggers, thousands of blog posts and pure blogging madness. Most of us would have never typed this much in our entire lives. Well I would agree that folks from IT would have an edge because of their touch typing skill 😛 This hasn’t been an easy task especially looking at the leader-board every day – not at all. Such events have a huge impact on the bloggers both positive and negative, and being a part of this, I would like to share some of both :

Let’s begin with the positives first:

  • Initially its all about numbers and quantity, so all that you do is type and type and type, so in a way it does help you improve your typing a bit.. I’ve seen like people coming up with 8-10 posts in a span of just few hours, that’s insane seriously !
  • The leader-board always reminds you – life is a race, if you don’t run fast you’ll become a broken anda. I’m quite sure most of you would relate to this. The number of posts are ticking faster than a clock, it’s like tick-tock-tick -> 100 posts ! So you learn how to plan out and carry on.
  • While running a marathon, you need stamina and while running a blogging marathon, you need ideas. Only quantity doesn’t matter, the quality is the thing that matters. It’s not about being a machine and generating 100 posts/minute, its about the quality. Such event push you to the limits and force you to think to come with creative and inspirational ideas to blog about.

As for the negatives:

  • As mentioned blogging is about ideas, and how do you generate so many ideas in such a short span of time ? Blogging is not as simple as googling stuff and writing, it takes a lot of effort to come up with a good, decent post. Your mind and body definitely takes a toll.

Well not much of negatives from my experience. But definitely it’s been a great experience. I’ve come across some of the best bloggers who write some of the best articles. A Blogging marathon surely has a huge impact on all of us. Nice to be a part of it – great work guys ! Keep Blogging !

This blog post is inspired by the blogging marathon hosted on IndiBlogger for the launch of the #Fantastico Zica from Tata Motors. You can apply for a test drive of the hatchback Zica today.

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