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Smartphones. Image Courtesy: forbesindia.com
Smartphones. Image Courtesy: forbesindia.com

How are mobile wallets impacting online shopping

Online shopping is one of the latest trends in India and is catching up quite faster in the smaller towns and cities. Thanks to some great prices coupled with huge discounts that most people shop online now a days. From Clothes to Gadgets to groceries, everything can be bought online. With many payment options available, customers can shop based on their choice. Most of the common payment methods include Credit Card, Debit Card, Net-Banking and Cash on Delivery [COD] COD has been the favorite for all as some don’t find electronic payment reliable while others want to get the product and pay.

Mobile Wallets are the new way to pay. Image courtesy: paymentscardsandmobile.com
Mobile Wallets are the new way to pay. Image courtesy: paymentscardsandmobile.com

Among all these new modes of payments, we have a new option which has been there for quite some time now, these are Mobile Wallets. Mobile wallets are virtual wallets that store real money and are protected by username, password and/or PIN in some cases. A user can add money to these wallets using Credit Cards, Debit Cards or Netbanking. Once loaded with the money, these wallets can be used easily and multiple portals to make payments effortlessly.

Mobile Wallet providers in India. Image Courtesy: letstalkpayments.com
Mobile Wallet providers in India. Image Courtesy: letstalkpayments.com

Few years back there were only a couple of mobile wallet operators, but now there are a bunch of them. Even some of the private banks and telecom operators are entering in this field as Mobile Wallets are having a huge impact on the way people shop online. Mobile Wallets have now become one of the most preferred way of payment. Be it buying a new gadget or paying your electricity bill, mobile wallets can be used everywhere. These have a lot of advantages and gives you a way to save more, always. Here are a few advantages of mobile wallets:

  • Since you can pre-load the wallet with money, using them is very easy and recharges, purchases can be done instantly.
  • Most wallets now a days have cashback offers which provide a good amount of cashback to you wallet. Savings !
  • Apart from cashback, most wallets provide you with coupons equivalent to the purchases made. Coupons can be for food, travel, shopping and virtually anything.
  • Some websites have tied up with mobile wallet operators, so if you pay using these wallets, you get additional discounts. Savings !
  • With one wallet account, you can pay for all services from one place.
  • With Wallets, reliability is increased because you have already loaded the wallet with money, so very less transaction failures.


Earn Cashbacks ! Image Courtesy: yourmomhatesthis.com

Earn Cashbacks ! Image Courtesy: yourmomhatesthis.com

So making online purchase with these mobile wallets will not only provide you with great offers they will also help you with great savings with instant cash back offers. Using a mobile wallet is easy as it doesn’t require any documentation and any one with just a mobile number can have a mobile wallet account.

So get a mobile wallet now and start shopping ! Refer this for cool offers and coupons to begin with !

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