Indian Flag. Republic Day Parade. Image Courtesy: Doordarshan
Indian Flag.Image Courtesy: Doordarshan

Republic Day Parade: Changes that should be made for a greater impact

As discussed in one of my previous post as to how India showcased it’s military might alongside the rich cultural diversity with some great display of dance and music from various states of India, the Republic Day Parade is one of the most awaited event where everyone watches the parade whether young or old. The parade is certainly amazing, however there can be a few more changes to it so that it has a greater impact.

Goa at Republic Day parade. Image Courtesy: Doordarshan
Goa. Image Courtesy: Doordarshan

One of the highlights of the Republic Day Parade is the tableaus from various states. The way they showcase the culture, dance, music of their state is really good. However if you watched this year’s Republic Day Parade, you would realize very few state tableaus were present and those included the likes of Goa, Gujarat, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Chandigarh, Karnataka, Jammu & Kashmir, Orissa and Sikkim. Where were the other states ? I mean India has 29 states and 7 Union Territories and definitely not all were present. Since it’s a day when the constitution was drafted, all that states, UTs must be a part of it. I know there is committee that accepts / rejects the tableaus, but all the states participating will send out a good message. Else it’s like okay these are the only states that are doing good and so on.. So All the States must be a part of the Republic Day Parade.

Indian Woman from the Air Force at Republic Day Parade. Image Courtesy: Doordarshan
Indian Woman from the Air Force. Image Courtesy: Doordarshan

How many of us are aware of how much the country has progressed in the last year ? I’m sure not many would be aware of it. It would be great if a summary of India’s achievements since the previous republic day could be displayed during the Republic Day Parade – i.e. How did India perform in terms of growth, industrial achievements, important landmarks etc since Republic Day 2015. That would be a great way for the people to know how their country has fared in the past year.Further that would also be beneficial since India would be showing off its achievements in front of a foreign Chief guest who might come up with some prospective deals considering the achievements.

Asaam Rifles marching at Republic Day. Image Courtesy: Doordarshan
Asaam Rifles marching at Republic Day. Image Courtesy: Doordarshan

Finally to accommodate the above suggestions for a greater impact, the government would have to increase the time of the parade from the current 90 minutes. For those of you who don’t know, the Republic Day parade earlier used to be of 115 minutes and much before that it used be close to 2 hours ! They have been reducing the duration over the years. If this continues we’ll probably have a flag hoisting ceremony and done, no parade nothing.

Thus, if these changes are included, the entire Republic Day Parade would have a different look, with all the states and union Territories participating in the event, it would be INDIA’s Republic Day.

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