Twitter - the new Customer Care
Twitter - the new Customer Care

Does Customer Care actually Care ?

Your Call in Important to us, Please stay on the line our executive will get to you shortly…” most us have spent a good part of our lives listening to this and the impact this has had is that many of us have taken to Twitter to vent our frustration. But how much of an impact does it have ? It’s not just about your telecom operator or the online store. I’m focusing on the “Customer Care” desks that placed in the malls or other public places. I wonder whether they even care as to what your problem is ? Or is it that they are unable to help you out ? Well whatever be the reason, in the end, it’s you who are at the receiving end.

Most of the supermarkets you visit today have a dedicated Customer Care Counter. If you are lucky, you’ll definitely find someone there. The person at the counter is good-looking guy / girl and seems approachable in case of any help. You approach him and he patiently listens to you, and once you are done he’ll wear a big smile on his face. After a pause, he’ll say “We are really sorry for all this, let me check this with my representative” And once this representative of his is there, you most likely have to repeat the whole story again and eventually your problem won’t be solved. I wonder why these counters are even there in the first place !

Customer Care. Image Courtesy: LinkedIn
Customer Care. Image Courtesy: LinkedIn

Just yesterday I was shopping at one of the well-known supermarkets here. After my billing was done, I came out of the supermarket. Just then I realized that I had to go to another floor to purchase something, since I had the cart, I didn’t know what to do. Then I saw this Customer Care counter and went there. The person greeted me and asked how could he help me. I told him the problem after which he was like Sorry Sir, we cannot do anything and I was literally fuming, I mean this is customer service ! These supermarket’s management aren’t aware of the impact such pathetic services have on their customers. I then decided to leave my cart at the corner and move to the next floor. Then the Customer Service desk said, Sir you cannot place it here. I simply ignored him and left the cart and went ahead hoping to see the cart after I come back. To my surprise it was still there.

So, all places be it the supermarket or the bank, the Customer Care desks aren’t able to solve basic queries too. Instead of our work being done, we spend time interacting with these guys that has an impact on our schedule. Thanks to Social Media that now at least these customer care guys listen to us. So in that way there is a good impact of using social media, however the real “Customer Care” needs a lot of improvement.

Have you come across any Customer Care blunder and would like to share ? Do let us know.

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