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Fantastico tips to get ideas for writing blog posts

Blogging is a hobby for many while it’s passion for others. Their love for blogging is so immense that they come of up some highly creative posts which they don’t realize at times. But there can be times when you are covering an event or participating in a marathon event that you would be running out of ideas to write on. A Blogging Marathon can be tiring as you are pushed to your limits and have to come up with posts every now and then. One of things to be kept in mind is the quality and not the quantity. And a person is a true blogger if he manages to maintain the quality while focusing on quantity. Generating quality posts again and again can be a daunting task. No one better than me can tell you about this after a gruelling one month on non stop blogging. Here I share some of the fantastico tips to get ideas for writing blog posts.

Blogging Image Courtesy: ronen ijansempoi
Blogging Image Courtesy: ronen ijansempoi

Fantastico Tips to get Ideas for blog posts

1. Travel: Traveling is by far the best way to get an idea to write on. Not only the destination but the fantastico journey itself will have so many things. From the train journey to the bus journey to hotel stay, you can find cues at every point that can help you come up with a great post. Traveling doesn’t mean you have to go to a new city. Simply navigating the streets of your city itself you can come up with a fantastico idea for your blog post.

2. Listen to Music: Many might think that how can music help write a blog post. Well trust me music is one of the fantastico ways to generate idea for blog post. The mesmerizing rhythm and the heart touching lyrics can spark an idea in your mind to write on something. It maybe about your love for something or simply a ocassion of happiness, music does help in getting new ideas to write blog posts on.

3. Reading: If you are running out of ideas to write blog posts on, nothing better than Reading can help. Grab a newspaper, magazine or read an online portal to get ideas to write a blog post. Going through the news is good but reading the editorial is fantastico. Reading others opinion will make you have your opinion about something. So you can share this opinion of yours through your blog.

4. Take a walk: If you are at home and unable to think on something, go out for a walk. You may have a walk at your terrace, balcony or in the park. While you are walking you will see many things around you. A bird trying to build its nest, a father playing with his child and many more things that can strike a chord in your mind and give you a fantastico idea for that perfect blog post !

5. Start a discussion: If you are sitting with other people, then start a discussion. One of the best ways is to talk on a topic which you think might generate a lot of opinions. One of the topics that would always get loads of opinions would be BJP and Congress. You’ll surely have a few BJP supporters and few Congress supporters in the group. So this is yet another fantastico way to generate idea for a perfect blog post !

That’s the end of the fantastico tips to generate ideas for a blog post, I hope you found it useful. In the past one month during the Blogging Marathon, I employed all of these ideas to come up with come good posts spanning across different genres. Have another set of fantastico ideas ? Do let us know.

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