Protect your Privacy online. Image courtesy: TheAdvocates /
Protect your Privacy online. Image courtesy: TheAdvocates /

Impact of Facebook – your life is an open book

Facebook has become that one place where a person spends more than he spends anywhere else. Thanks to the cheap smartphones with internet access that Facebook is accessible to all now. I’m in no way saying that it’s a bad thing, just that a person should be aware of what should be posted and what should not be posted on Facebook. The impact that Facebook has had is so much that people post anything and everything on Facebook – even their intimate photos ! Facebook is a place to connect with people and not to show them what brand of toothpaste you use. Don’t make your life an open book online for others to read.

Many people when they join Facebook are least aware of the privacy settings that the website has. I’m quite sure that many even don’t know that now also. One must be aware of the privacy settings so that you can restrict the content you share on Facebook. You might have personal family photos that you would like to share with your family members and you don’t want people to see who you fufa is or how hot your cousin is. Make sure to limit the visibility of the photos only to your family members and not anyone else. One of the best ways would be to create a private group with only your family members and share the photos there. It would be safe and won’t have any impact on your current profile. Be a smart netizen and explore the privacy options online.

Use Facebook's Privacy Settings Wisely. Image Courtesy: QuotesGram
Use Facebook’s Privacy Settings Wisely. Image Courtesy: QuotesGram

It’s not only about the photos you share. Even the status messages you post are a threat to your privacy. Imagine you are traveling to a new city and you post about it on Facebook. Assume there is a cyber stalker who now knows you are not at home. What would happen next ? Don’t let such things have an impact on your personal life. While sharing a status on Facebook, make sure to check the Visibility options as to who can see that post. One of the safest option is limiting visibility only to Friends. In that case only your friends would be able to see the post. That’s what you wanted right ?

Don’t let Facebook make your life an open book, be smart and wise and use the privacy settings wisely. You don’t want people to know what you did on your honeymoon with your better half. Restrict the visibility on your private content on Facebook and see the impact. Don’t let Facebook decide what people see from what you post. Who sees what you post is in your hands, use the privacy settings wisely and be a smart netizen. If you are not aware of the privacy settings, then spend sometime and explore the options that are present. Don’t let your life be an open book.

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